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Clip In Hair Extensions: 100% Remy Human Hair

Transform your hair effortlessly with our range of best selling range of Clip In Hair Extensions. Add luscious length and volume with our high quality 100% Remy Human Hair. Read more

Free delivery and payment plans available. Get the hair you deserve today. For answers on everything you need to know before buying, then check out our clip in hair extension FAQs. Read less

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Before and After Clip In Hair Extension Styles

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Add Volume with our Remy Clip In Hair Extensions

Want voluminous, long locks that don’t break the bank? Cliphair is one of the top UK providers of affordable, salon quality Remy Clip In Extensions, with over a decade's experience providing exceptionally high-quality products to thousands of customers worldwide. Read more

Clip In Extensions are easy to attach and can be perfectly matched with your own hair - adding highlights, lowlights or extra length and volume. Read less

Clip In Real Hair Extensions Suitable for all Hair Lengths

Available in shorter 16 inch and 18 inch lengths, to mid length 20 & 22 inch sets and finally our longest clip ins at luxurious 24 and 26 Inch lengths. We have high quality real human clip in extensions to suit all hair lengths and thicknesses.

Over 60 Shades of Remy Clip In Extensions Available

Including our best selling dark range of Jet Black (#1) and Natural Black (#1B) tones, to Darkest Brown (#2) and Chestnut Brown (#6) mid tones. For blondes we have our stunning Ice Blonde shade, alongside beautiful mixes such as Dark Ash Blonde Mix (#18/613) and BlondeME (#60/SS). Read more

We even have beautiful two tone Balayage and Ombre shades such as Dark Expresso Melt and Dark Brown and Silver tones (#T2/SG). For all you fiery red heads we have Mahogany Red (#99J), Ginger/Natural Red and many more red shades. Read less

Beautiful Clip In Remy Hair Extensions: Enjoy Longer, Thicker Hair That Doesn’t Tangle

With our high quality, clip in human hair extensions, you can enjoy tangle free, lustrous long, thick hair with no hassles. Unlike glue in extensions, which often end up in a tangled mess, or weave in extensions, which take hours to apply, our clip ins enable you to enjoy the hairstyles you have always wanted, without endless visits to your local hairdresser. Read more

And if you decide on a particular style that you would like to keep for a few months, our permanent real human hair extensions are perfect for your needs. Read less

Full Head Clip In Extension Sets

Our Full Head Clip In Hair Sets are multi-piece clip on hair extensions composed of 8 wefts of varying width and a total of 18 pre-attached silicone lined clips. Beautiful Full-Head hair extensions ensure a more dramatic transformation compared to a one piece; expect your hair to look luscious, longer and thicker within minutes.

Clip In Hair Extensions By Type

For Medium to Thick Hair

Try our best selling Double Wefted Full Head Clip In Hair Set. This set is perfect for adding luscious volume and length to your locks. Each clip has two luxurious wefts sewn together for double the impact in the same application time.

Clip Ins Best suited for those with fine or thin hair

Our Classic Full Head Clip In Hair Set is used to create a natural amount of thickness and volume in those who need an extra boost. If you’re looking for ultra-glam, Insta-worthy volume and length, then our Ultra-Volume Full Head Clip In Hair Set is for you! Only suitable for average to thick hair, this set is Cliphair's thickest range ever. Read more

Giving you more hair, more thickness, and more body, you can effortlessly level up your look in minutes. Or shop our super discreet Double Drawn Seamless Clip In Hair Extensions, compared to other hair extensions solutions, the silicone layer is much lighter and gives you superb comfort while wearing them with confidence. Read less

Add layers with our Curly & Wavy Clip In Hair Extensions

Cliphair offers a wide range of curly and wavy human hair extensions in lengths, that blend seamlessly into your own hair. With lengths ranging from 14”- 26” and weights from 115-160g, available multiple tones and colours and in natural curl and tighter deep wave styles.

Looking for Lightweight Volume?

Our One Piece Clip In Hair Extensions of Remy human hair let you add extra volume & gloss to your hair within minutes. Read more

They allow a quicker and easier application than our full-sets due to the fewer number of clips attached. Shop our one piece range. Read less

Looking for Thickness and Volume?

Our Quad Weft One Piece Clip In Extension is a revolutionary hairpiece that weighs just 80g but contains 4 strips of hair securely sewn onto one thick weft, with just five small, subtle silicon-coated clips. It is ideal for adding luscious volume and length to most hair types.

Looking for our Heaviest Human Clip In Hair Extensions?

Our Supreme Quad Weft is 40g heavier than the standard Quad Weft Clip, weighing in at 120g. This is our heaviest, thickest, fullest one piece clip in for customers going for maximum glamour and volume.


    • If you’re looking for a quick do it yourself hair extension system with no commitment involved, then look no further. Clip in hair extensions are strips of hair that have small metal snap clips attached to the seams that can be applied and removed in a matter of minutes. Absolutely no help from professionals needed! They can be used to add length, thickness, volume and colour.
    • With a little care, your beautiful Clip In Natural Hair extensions could last you for anywhere from 6 months to a year. If you wear them all the time and are not too gentle with them, this could reduce the time to 3 months or so.
    • As all Cliphair extensions are human, they have a long-life span. With the correct care and maintenance, it's not uncommon for quality clip-ins to last up to 12 months. However, if over worn and not treated well they will need replacing between 3-6 months. The better you look after the hair and the less you wear it, the longer it will last. It’s good to bear in mind that very light shades will usually have a shorter life due to the chemical processing they go through during manufacturing. Check out our Clip In Care guide here.
    • With a little care, your beautiful clip in hair extensions could last you for anywhere from 6 months to a year. If you wear them all the time and are not too gentle with them, this could reduce the time to 3 months or so.
    • “Remy” is a high quality type of hair as it is “cuticle correct”, meaning all the cuticles on the hair shaft run in the same direction (downwards). This ensures the hair will stay shiny, soft and tangle free for months, even years, if well cared for.
    • If you clip them in and remove them carefully, your real hair clip in extensions will do absolutely no damage to your natural hair. Don’t rush when applying them and treat them gently; when cared for properly you’ll find they are extremely comfortable and completely safe.
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    • Our varying human hair Clip In Extensions are suitable for a range of hair types and goals. Opt for one of our 130g Classic Sets to add volume for fine/thin hair, 180g Double Weft Set to add luscious volume and length for medium/thick hair or up to 300g with an Ultra Volume Set, perfect for anyone with thicker locks and insta-hair desires. With lengths ranging from 16” to 26”, you can handpick the density and length to match your hairstyle!
    • Our Full Head Clip In Hair Extensions Sets contain a luxurious total of eight wefts complete with pre-attached feather light clips that will not slip or pull. Full Head clip in hair extensions come in a range of over 30 colours and in six lengths: 15 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch and 26 inch. These are perfect for transforming your look instantly and adding considerable length and volume immediately.
      Our One Piece Sets are composed of one clip in section in varying volumes. They are suitable for those looking for an extra boost of volume/length to their natural hair! As they use fewer clips, they allow for a quicker application, more subtle transformation and increased comfort!
    • When it comes to hair extensions, Clip Ins are by far the most cost effective. As a DIY option you can bypass pricey salon costs, and most desired products are readily available online.
      You have the flexibility to style as you like, with no commitment or dependency on hair stylists to achieve your desired look. The online market allows you to browse through various competitors offering a myriad of colours, lengths and pre-styled sets all with trusted reviews and photos. Undoubtedly the most convenient option!
      Human Clip On Hair Extensions can be toned, washed and dyed, but we always advise you follow professional advice when caring for your extensions.
    • Tape In, Micro Ring, Nano Ring, I-Tip and U-Tip hair extensions all belong the semi-permanent group of hair extensions, they are attached to the hair line using an adhesive. The advantage is they last longer than clip ins, but they have to be fitted by salon professionals whereas clip in extensions are easier to apply. Find out more
    • Cliphair is UK based but our UK site ships products across both UK and Europe, but if you are outside of those countries our US site can help you. If you are a salon/hairdresser then contact our trade site for whole sale prices. We have been selling quality hair extensions for over 15 years, so you can buy with confidence.
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