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Zoella Social Media superstar

So we all love hearing Zoella chatting to us in our rooms from her fabulous Youtube channel is it any surprise that she has been announced the most powerful social media star! From Harry Potter extra to world wide sensation Zoella (real name Zoe Sugg) is certainly not someone just in the background anymore, this wallflower has blossomed! Always on trend, friendly and approachable we can see her success growing by the day and are extremely happy to present you with some of our favourite Zoella styles. Who wouldn’t want to look like this girl? Her millions of fans do!


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Zoella showing her wild side:

Who says Zoella is always prim and proper? Zoe Sugg proves she can rock a long messy ombre style, look down to earth but totally glamorous at the same time. Most of us only dare to do a little ombre on the ends but Zoella has upped the game and how high her ombred tone goes. We suspect she had more than a little help from clip in extensions (look at her normal hair length). Grab your fishtail comb for some light back combing and scrunch with some alcohol free hair mousse for extra hold.


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The silver fox

Wow! What a hair change. This silver/ grey tone looks amazing on her pale peachy toned skin and lovely blue eyes. Although it is a big change in look it still looks incredibly girly because of her features. If you have more olive toned skin or darker eye this will look amazing and make you look very edgy. Unfortunately this is a look that can go wrong so if you are thinking of lightening your hair to create this lush silver/grey colour we totally recommend going to a professional. A bit more expensive but worth it to get the amazing look you want.


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Happy and sassy crown braid

whether you are chilling by the beach like Zoe or going to a wedding a crown braid is a winning hairstyle for all occasions. It looks far harder to do than it actually is, brilliant for those of us who are not as skilled as Zoella. This style will require a bit more patience than the other two as, if you haven’t done a dutch braid crown before you may do a braid in the wrong direction. The big trick with this look is to keep your braids going in a clockwise direction. Part in half and start with your right side,  as you normally would. When you switch to your left side however, you want to start braiding upwards (thats how they both go clockwise) load up on your hair pins and hair stray ladies. This style looks amazing but imagine how frustrating it would be if it fell down. A little trick to keep it looking think is to slightly tug on you braids once they are pinned in, instant body. If you are wearing it to a formal occasion try adding some ribbon or flowers.


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