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Zodiac hair- a Capricorn inspired tutorial


This time of year so many people start to think about the future. New year’s eve is around the corner and more people are looking at their zodiac signs. I am using that as inspiration today for this blog I am showing you a Capricorn inspired hairstyle. We are in the month that Capricorn rules and it is a super cute look, perfect if you are going to a new year’s eve party where you need to dress up (or you just feel adventurous). This has a very 90’s vibe to it and would look great with some glitter too. ok, enough introduction let’s get this tutorial. Please #wearcliphair so I can see your looks.


Step #1: Get your base right

This style needs you to have hair that is easy to manage. I would suggest putting on some heat protecting serum and straightening your locks. It doesn’t matter if you have newly washed or second-day hair as long as your roots aren’t too greasy. Once your hair is thoroughly brushed and straight, create a centre part from hairline to the nape of your neck.


Step #2: Create your shape

Brush your hair into two small ponytails, making sure you have then secured on the top of your head rather than at the back to get as much height as possible. I would suggest using clip in extensions for this style. If you already have your Cliphair extensions in, not a problem but you really want to gain as much volume as possible so you might need to backcomb a bit. If you are using your clip in Cliphair extension clip them around your hair tie to make your ponytails bigger. To hide your seems by clipping in a 1 clip wide piece at the base your ponytail, wrapping it around and pinning it into place.

Step #3: Creating your horns

So by now, you will have gotten the idea that we are creating a style the horns of the animal that embodies Capricorns, the goat. These mountain hopping adorable creatures may not make the word fashionable spring to mind, but I am here to change that. Now that you have your ultra cute pigtails in place it is time to make them look a bit more like tasteful horns. The way we are going to create this is with braids. before you create your braid gently backcomb your hair under your the wrapped extension piece to keep it secure and add more near me.

Now, divide your right ponytail into three equal parts. You are going to create a dutch braid. To do this take the right third under the middle section then the left section under the middle. Continue this until you get an inch from the end of your hair. Pinch the end and tug on the rows to make them look fuller. Instead of using a hair tie you are going to vigorously backcomb your hair just below your braid. Repeat with the other ponytail and you are done.


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