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Zipper braid, the perfect holiday style

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I am always hearing people talk about what the perfect travel hairstyle is. There is not 1 but many that fit this description but not all of them a right for every hair type. Today I want to share the zipper braid with you. This is a super easy style that is perfect for going travelling with and looks really cool as well. I have naturally thick, wavy hair and I have found that not all of the styles that are right for my hair have suited all of my friends with thinner or straight locks. This style has proven to be a winner for everyone and even works brilliantly with your Cliphair extensions in. so keep reading this step-by-step tutorial and don’t forget to #wearcliphair.


Step number 1: Preparation

This style is the best if you have just washed your hair and don’t have time to dry it. Pop in your Cliphair extensions if you want your hair to be thicker or have more length. If your hair is not already wet spray your hair with some water until it is damp then brush your hair and extension so they are tangle free.


Step number 2: Start your braided

To begin your braid take a two-inch-wide section of hair at your hairline and divide it into three equal sections. I would recommend this being just off centre. Drape the middle section over the left section then, what now is the middle section over the right. I would say try to do this quite tightly so no hair becomes loose. starting your braid was easy but now it gets interesting because we are going to deviate from a traditional three-strand braid.


Step number 3: Form the zipper look

Drape the middle section over the left strand and loop it around so that the end goes back under the middle section and the right section. Hold this section of hair then loop it back over your middle section and under your left. You can either keep holding this looped section for a minute or pin it to give your arms a minute break. Now take the left section and drape it over the middle section and under the right. You can ask a friend to hold this or pin it so you don’t run out of hands.

Unpin your first woven section and take it under your new woven section then add it to the middle section. Take a new section of hair and take it over the middle third and under the left. Take the section that is still pinned and take it under the new section before adding it to the middle section. You can stop here or continue to weave for a longer braid before you secure with a hair tie.


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