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Why you should try an undone updo


There is definitely a place in the world for neat and tidy hair but, let’s face it, that can get boring incredibly quickly. Sometimes having picture perfect hair can make us feel old and dull so it is time to shake things up, literally. The undone style has become super popular with loose hairstyles over the summer. The key word with the undone look is texture. If you don’t have it then this look just won’t work. If you want to shake things up this autumn keep reading this step-by-step guide to achieving this stunning undone updo for yourself. Don’t forget to #wearcliphair when you post your pics.


Step number 1: Preparation
The great thing about this look is that is meant to look imperfect so you can relax a little when it comes to prep. Second-day hair is fine for this look but you do need to make sure you have brushed all major knots out of your locks before you start. The reason for this is that you want to be able to add body exactly where you want it, there is a fine line between an undone look and just plain messy. You want your hair to be lovely and full (think of a lion’s mane) to start with so add a full set of clip in hair extensions. Be aware that you will be gathering your hair into the low ponytail so you may not want to put any behind your ears.



Step number 2: add some texture
For this, you need to firstly add some heat protecting serum to the ends of your hair. Using a one-inch barrel, curl your hair all over. Once the curls have cooled flip your head forward and give your hair a vigorous shake this will break down the structure of the curls. Staying upside down grab some sea salt spray, or texture spray, spritz it and scrunch it in. Now you have the thickness in your har it is time to add some height at the roots. Dry shampoo is helpful for this so add some to your roots before you tease them and add hairspray.


Step number 3: create the styles.
If your hair looks like something prepared for a Halloween party, don’t worry it means you are doing it right. Now you can gather hair at the nape of your neck, loosen top layer by gently pinching it with your fingers so that you don’t lose the body you added. Iw would suggest securing it with a thin hair tie so that it is invisible later on. You could leave it there if you just want a ponytail but I think it is a move interesting look as a full-on updo. So, take an inch section, flip it up and pin them with a bobby pin. Make you the end of the section is loose and the bobby pin is concealed. Repeat this all over your head, don’t worry if the sections are not exactly the same size. It looks more relaxed if is a bit random with strands going in different directions and different lengths.


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