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What to take on holiday (and are renting an Air bnb)

Whether you are going to Malta or New Zealand even just Cornwall holidays are so exciting. I love planning them and finding out all the cool things I can do there and look at the stunning places I can take holiday snaps. I love feeling carefree and rocking stunning boho styles whilst away but for ages, the ‘no more than 100mls’ rule has been cramping my style, literally. I didn’t want to buy all those tiny travel sized products that have sulphate and parabens in them. After a few holiday trial and errors, I think I have the perfect combination of what you should take on your holiday and how you could save yourself a few £, so keep reading to find out for yourself.


1. Book an Air Bnb

This has saved me so much hassle. Yes, I know it isn’t something you bring with you but it is part of the planning process. There isn’t a pool but there is a kitchen and there is no worrying if the key card is going to work. It saved me a bundle because it was cheaper than a hotel, in the same area, and I was able to eat my breakfast there and prepare snacks without it costing the earth. A big thing for me is how to look after my hair whilst I am away and having a kitchen meant I could create my own salt sprays and shampoos without any fuss.


2. Your extensions

It goes without saying that where I go, my hair extensions go. Human hair extensions are no harder to look after than my own hair, so it is no hassle. I just have to remember to take them out if I am going for a swim. The best thing is that most places have those trouser coat hangers so they stay untangled in between uses.


3.A scarf

This is very dependant on your location but I try to always take a satin scarf with me. You can use it as an actual scarf but it also looks great tied onto your handbag or, most importantly, as a hair accessory.



4. Reusable empty tubes/containers

There are a lot of you can pick these up and they are all the size you can take on the plane. They are perfect for transferring makeup and hair products into. You never have to worry about getting your things taken at security again.



5. A tangle teaser

I have naturally thick wavy locks. Which is not the easiest to look after so I need sturdy brushes. I usually use a paddle brush but they are not the easiest to transport. When I am on the go I love tangle teasers. They do the job and are easy to pack.




6. Spiral hair ties

I love to change my hairstyles several times a day when I am on holidays. I do lots of activities and like to dress up for the evening so not having the weird hair tie kink is a must. These are brilliant for avoiding that.




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