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What to avoid in Winter for HairCare

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This morning, cars covered in icy crystals made me realised we are almost in the middle of winter. I have carefully chosen this topic as some of us are facing dry hair & scalp, static hair, limp locks, breakage, split ends and all sort of styling difficulties. Due to the cold weather, hair can become very dull, boring and lifeless. So if you are facing any of those problems, you just need to show more love and attention to your hair. To keep your hair shiny, strong and kicking, below are the 5 things you must avoid during Winter.

Avoid Hair Dryers and Blow Dryers

What hair lacks in winter is the right amount of moisture, it can make hair look dull and dying. Allow yourself enough time to dry wet hair itself and avoid direct contact of your hair with electrical heat appliances as much as you can. Gently but regularly apply the conditioners and oils to the roots of your hair and massage it for a few minutes daily before going to bed.



Avoid Hot Water

This can be hard if you have an old style hot and cold water tap, you can either freeze yourself with icy water or end up burning. For all of those having typical British taps in your house, best is to have lukewarm water ready for the wash. Hot water can cause severe damage to your hair and scalp. It can weaken hair follicles and make your hair fall out. It is especially very injurious to dry hair type. Same care goes for all hair extensions wash.


Avoid Hair Products that contain Alcohol

Many hair products come with alcohol in them and yet we don’t know as there’s no clear indication. Before buying and applying such products on your lovely hair, check ingredients. They are mostly used as a cheap additive to help decrease the amount of time hair normally take to dry. But the damage is far greater than the price you pay for it. The alcohol basically sucks in the oil and moisture from your hair which is imperative for healthy hair growth.


Avoid Covering your Hair in Heat Proof Hats


They come in all shapes and styles and let’s be honest, you can’t avoid it at all times but when you can, do it. It leaves you with no airy passage to hair that suffocates, breaks the hair follicles by reducing optimal air and blood supply and leads to bald patches. Find hats with silk, cotton, wool, satin or acrylic lining.

Let your hair breathe.


Avoid Colouring or Dying Chemicals

You really like the new shade of auburn, I get it but you don’t need to have a go at the expense of your hair. Hair colouring and dying chemicals can sometimes be very harmful especially in winter times. If you really fancy dying your hair, maybe wait for summer or alternatively go for hair extensions. They are so easy to clip in and perfect for all occasions where the style is your game and you are its diva. While we are at it, you may want to check the gorgeous shade of Light Auburn Hair Extensions.


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