What is the seashell braid and how to achieve it.

Well, I am off to the beach this week, I have seen so many of you with your suntans and gorgeous holiday snaps, I couldn’t resist. I am looking for some new inspiration and I came across a style that I had seen before but not known the name of, the seashell braid. This style is really interesting and it is great to keep with the beach theme. I like that this look is a casual look that you could easily put on a maxi dress on with and look fancy. If you want some holiday inspiration, keep reading and #wearcliphair when you have tried the style for yourself.

Step number 1: Preparation

This style will get finished in no more than 5 minutes so there is not a huge amount of preparation required. I have even seen this look done with wet hair so it might be a great option for a post-swim style for you. I don’t want my braid to look thin as I have shorter hair now. I added 4 weft Cliphair extension pieces to the back of my crown to give my hair that boost. Once you have them in brush your hair to make sure it is knot-free. Add a little hairspray and give it 1 more brush to get rid of flyaways before you continue.

Step number 2: Create your braid

Take a section of hair near your right temple (approximately 2 inches wide) and split it into two equal parts. Take a small section from outside the left half and bring it under your under the section before you add it to the inside of a right section. Now take a small section from outside the right section and attach it to the inside of the left half. Repeat this and add strands as you work your way backwards.

You will need to periodically comb your hair right near your scalp. This will prevent your hair from getting those weird bumps and ruining the back. Your braid will go in a diagonal shape from your temple to the nape of your neck near the middle, closer to your left ear. Secure your braid down the bottom and gently tug on each of the sections to give it more volume.

Step number 3: Form your shape

Now you have your braid looking fabulous, this is the easy part. Starting from the end of your braid and start to wind it up. Try and keep the spiral relatively tight to get the seashell shape but still show off your braid. Pin it and enjoy your holiday!


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