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What causes hair loss and how to prevent it?

Something that is super common with having long locks is hair loss. It is not only annoying to have to get out of drains but too much can be very intimidating too. Loosing a little hair is totally natural, in fact, we lose almost 100 strands a day. This is not a big problem because it grows back. What does become an issue is when it is a lot more. Of course, you can make your hair look thicker with your Cliphair extensions but it is important to have healthy natural hair too. When we lose an excessive amount of hair it often means there is something more that is happening on the inside. Today I want to point out some of the reasons why hair loss can happen and how to help stop it. #wearcliphair.


The dreaded s word- stress

You guessed it how stressed you are direct correlates to so many health issues, including how lovely your hair is. It can mess with your scalp and your diet ultimately making your hair weak and not grow as well, leaving you with weak, thinner, lifeless hair. It makes you rethink meditating for 5 minutes a day, doesn’t it?


Get all the right vitamins

B12 is a vitamin we are hearing loads about now because of its ability to help circulate nutrients around your body. It is a major factor in having strong, healthy hair as well as keeping your energy up. All of your body, including hair follicles, need oxygen and minerals so this will help with overall strength. You will easily be able to get a supplement or plant milk with b 12.



Hormones change at different times of our life causing different side effects. One of these hormones is Androgen, which can cause hair loss and often becomes unbalanced due to stress. The cycle in which your hair grows is affected by hormones. Hair loss can also be a hereditary trait. Having a healthy diet can help to some extent but for those of you with genetic tenancies, hair loss treatment may be worth looking into.

Positive actions

now you know some of the main causes it is time to work out what to do to prevent hair loss and keep your lock healthy and lush.



We often just think of diet when we want to lose weight but a diet is so much more. Carbs are a good thing when you want your hair to grow, well, the right carbs anyway. If you want to promote hair growth ditch simple carbs (white bread, pasta etc) and switch to complex carbs (whole wheat, brown rice and pasta). Having food that is rich in protein but without high amounts of fat and hormones is also a must for healthy options. If you are trying to about things that affect hormones, avoid animal products. Why not try soy milk, lentils or quinoa?



Using the right products and styling smartly will help with your hair health and help prevent breakage. Make sure your products do not have sulphates, silicones or parabens for hair health. Make sure you are also choosing products that are right for your hair type. Using a hair mask at least twice a month on both your hair and extensions will add a boost of nutrients. When styling your hair don’t always have tight style, loose buns, braids or even having your hair down a couple of times a week will really help


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