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What Are You Thankful For?

This week, it is Thanksgiving – a holiday all about feeling grateful for everything that you have been blessed with. If you happen to have been blessed with great hair, why wouldn’t you want to spend 24 hours lavishing it with praise and attention? This year, ClipHair is feeling thankful for a lot of things, and our experts would like to share a few of them with you.

Argan Oil – this year has been a big one for the wonder stuff that is Argan oil. It seems like the hair and beauty industry has been going crazy for what is, essentially, nothing more than a nut. Yet, these nuts can be cracked, squeezed and pressed until they produce a rich, nourishing oil. If you apply this oil to your locks once or twice a week, the results are amazing – cue baby soft, shiny tresses.

Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil – whilst argan is great for deep conditioning and protecting delicate ends, this nifty hair product from Bumble & Bumble is designed to deal with flyaway hairs and problem tresses. If used as a styling aid, this oil offers all of the strength and hold of a hairspray, but without the weight, hence the name. This product is perfect for gals with fine hair, who feel hairspray or gel can be too heavy.

Taylor Swift – as one of the biggest, baddest and most exciting stars in the world right now, how could we not be grateful for the inimitable Taylor Swift? Over the last twelve months, she has rocked some seriously fine hairdos (and costumes), and we have a feeling there may be more on the way in 2015. At the moment, the queen of pop is sporting an elegant shoulder length style, which can be roughed up and given a little punk appeal, or slicked back and worn with sophistication.

Taylor Swift Invisible Oil

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Jewelled Head Pieces – as soon as we spied Kim Kardashian wearing one of these delicate and beautiful jewelled head chains, we knew that they were going to be big. For the festive period, there is simply nothing more elegant or stylish. These super sophisticated headbands wrap gently around a ponytail or bun, in order to accentuate a perfectly constructed party ensemble.

Platinum Blondes – there is good news for all of the bleach blonde sex kittens out there, because it looks like the platinum look is well and truly back. You only have to look at Modern Family star Sarah Hyland to see just how amazing this style can be. She recently swapped her gentler honey highlights for the full beach blonde do,’ and she looks gorgeous. If you want to steal her style, pick up an 18 inch clip in hair piece, from ClipHair, in platinum.

The Mermaid – it isn’t only the beach babe look that is big in Hollywood right now. As anybody who follows the antics of top model Kylie Jenner will know, mermaid green is another popular trend. Whilst 2013 was the year of fire truck red (thanks to Rihanna), we expect 2015 to take on a much cooler feel, with coral and mint greens a common sight. If you want to experiment with this bold look, invest in a set of ClipHair highlights, in a vibrant shade of turquoise.

Mermaid Green Messy French Braid

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Living Proof Heat Protection – when it comes to protecting your locks from harsh conditions, you need this magnificent product from Living Proof. As a heat protector, it is primarily designed for use during heat based styling sessions, but it will also protect your tresses from UV rays and humidity, In fact, it is ideal for holidays in the sun. If you are planning to jet off to sunnier climes this winter, pop a bottle of this spray in your bag – it insulates hair from temperatures of up to 450 degrees.

The Braided Bun – this elegant do’ is perfect for busy girls on the go, particularly during the winter months. If you don’t have time to wash your hair before stepping out, or you are simply suffering from a case of disorderly bed hair, bring your hair together in an artfully messy French braid, and then simply tie it back in a bun. You can even manage this simple style after getting up for work at 7am.

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