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What are tape in extensions and how long do they last?

What are tape in extensions and how long do they last?


Tape in extensions are the trend of 2021 if you haven’t used them yet, or you have but not for very long, you will probably have a few questions. The two questions I hear the most are can you explain what they are? And how do Cliphair tape in extensions last? So no matter how long you have been using tape in extension if you are wondering about this then keep reading.

tape in hair extensions



What are tape in hair extensions?

Tape in hair extensions are the newest and hottest development in the hair extension arena. Warning: These Tape In Extensions May Cause Serious Hair Envy. The biggest difference is the way they are attached to your natural hair. Cliphair’s tape extensions are great because they allow your locks to be lovely and long but be lighter than ever before. Each set of Tape extensions contains a whole 100g of hair, perfect for a full head coverage. If you have thicker hair like mine or are using hair extensions to transform a shortcut to a very long look, you may wish to use two packs.



tape in hair extensions before and after

Can I still get the tape in extensions in the length I want?

The short answer is, yes! Tape in Extensions are still available in a wide variety of lengths to suit whatever your preference or mood is. We have them available in:
16 Inches– just beneath shoulder length, for lustrously voluminous locks.
18 Inches– mid length loveliness, full of thickness and swish.
20 Inches– versatile mid-back length, for root to tip volume.
22 Inches – lower-rib cage length, these tape in extensions are perfect for swishy long locks
and they come in all the colours your love.


How long will they last?

This depends on two things application and maintenance. They are stuck to your natural hair using the adhesive material on the tape strips at the root of your extensions. If you want your tape in extensions to go on straight and last longer I would recommend getting them to put in by a professional. Your friends will mean well but they do not have the experience or a steady hand so it will last a long time. On average tape-in extensions last about 6-8 weeks. The great thing is that because Cliphair’s Tape in extensions are good quality they can be reused

Like all hair extensions, if you want to make your hair extensions last longer maintenance is key. The big no-no is trying to brush your tape in extensions when then they are wet. This is when the adhesive is the weakest so you will have an increased chance of ruining your extension. I also tend to put my hand over the roots of the extensions whilst combing with the other hand. The shampoo is one of the unknown issues with tape in extensions. If you are applying it using a rotating motion this can ruin them so. Start your roots and work your way down and don’t forget to avoid sulphate shampoo.



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