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Vintage Pin Curls Tutorials

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I don’t know about you but I love a good vintage style. If you are going out with the girls or planning something special this May, this is a style that is great to try. Most of the time I like to give you styles that are quick and easy to produce but sometimes the special styles take a little longer (the best wines too). This is one of those styles. So get your liquid eyeliner out and red lipstick it is time to be inspired by the ’20s and create vintage pin curls with the help of this step-by-step guide. Don’t forget to off the finished product by #wearcliphair.




Step number 1: Preparation

This style is best to create with newly washed locks. It is a style you will be using heated tools to create so I tend to use a hair treatment when I am using heated tools on both my hair and Cliphair extensions. Towel dry your locks, add your Cliphair extensions and add some heat protecting serum. The extensions are not necessarily for length in this look but more for the body to ensure that you don’t put the extensions at the nape of your neck but rather behind your ears.


Step number 2: Create your curls

I think using a fishtail comb really helps make lines are even and you have exactly a 1-inch section of hair. Loop the ends of your hair around your fingers then roll this inwards towards your scalp. Secure the curl with a couple of bobby pins. Repeat this along the base of your neck and work your way towards the top. I tend to make the top curls slightly larger.


Step number 3: Let it set

Add some light hold hairspray then it is a waiting game. If you are in a rush set your hairdryer to cool and blow dry your curls, this can often cause a little frizz though. If you want to go completely frizz free add a satin scarf to cover your curls and let them dry over the next couple of hours/ sleep with them in. once your curls are dry take the pins out and run your fingers through your curls. This will help them settle in the place you want them to without destroying or flattening them. Add some hairspray to finish this look to make sure your curls last your all day and night.


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