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Vamping up second day hair


One of the biggest things women are worried about with our styling is dealing with the second (or third) day hair. Let’s face it you probably won’t have time to wash your hair every day and that is ok. Dry shampoo is my best friend for in-between days, although I do try and avoid my extensions so it won’t dry them out. The issue with second-day hair is that it often looks limp and lifeless so here are a few styles that will help you vamp up your second-day hair.

Basic curling

I find that, because second-day hair has more oils, it is best to work with the natural flow of your hair rather than against it. I know very few people who naturally have dead straight hair. To basic curling is perfect. I don’t like to put too much product in my hair. For second-day styles because I don’t want to weigh my hair down. The only things that I use are dry shampoo at my roots and a little hair serum on my ends. This is just to help prevent split ends forming. Warm up your curling iron and divide up sections of your hair. You are not going to curl all of your hair, just the top third that will allow you to gain height. Curl away from your face. To get a more developed wave to curl your hair extensions, you can add more product to these without looking oily. This is meant to look natural so you don’t need to add hairspray.


Half ponytail look

Add dry shampoo into your roots, massage it in then brush it through the length of your hair so you prevent white patches. If your hair is more third than the second day adds some texture spray to your locks as well. Create a centre part and separate your hair horizontally to create a half up style. Add extensions to the underside of the bottom half if you want your hair thick and long. Split the hair above your hair tie in half and loop the ponytail through. Create a fishtail braid with the ends of the ponytail by halving it and taking a small section from the inside right and attaching it to the inside of the left and vice versa, until the end. Once your braid is secure twist it around into a bun and pins it so that it is secure. Finish by adding some hairspray and you are ready to go.


Bubble braid

Once again begin with adding some dry shampoo to your roots to soak up all that oil and make sure your hair is tangle free. The best natural way to create extra volume is to opt for a side part so sweep your hair over to your side of choice. Gather your hair into a side ponytail and secure it at the nape of your neck. Loosen your hair at your crown so it has a bit more oomph. Add an elastic every two inches down the length of your hair. Separate the sections as you go loop the end through the gap before securing and moving onto the next section. This is super easy and can be worn anywhere.


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