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Two ways to turn heads with your autumn updo

If you haven’t got time to spray a gallon of hairspray on your mane or even wash it is time to turn to some updo styles. There is s big myth some people hold that updo looks are just a simple bun for lazy people but that is not true at all. Some of the most stunning styles I have seen have been updos and they have turned heads. Today I thought I would share with you some of my favourites so you can rock a night out without fear of getting blown away.

clip in hair extensions-autumn-updo-chain-braided

The chain braided stunner

I am in love with chain braids, they look so breathtaking but are actually way easier than they look to create. For this style divide your hair in half horizontally from the tips of your ears. Create a mid-height ponytail and add you clip in ponytails extensions for extra volume. Once it is secure hold your ponytail and gently tug strands at the roots so it gives your hair a more romantic and effortless feel. To create your bun place your thumb on the left side of your ponytail and wrap the hair around your elastic. Pull the ends of your hair through where your thumb is to create a knot braid. You should have a little end visible to loop back through your hair tie and fan out to create your bun. Now it is time to focus on the front and create a centre parting. Take two sections on your left side and create a loose knot, add some more strands of hair and repeat until you reach the end and tuck it into the back of your bun. Repeat on the other side and spray.

clip in hair extensions-autumn-updo-chain-chignon

The everyday chignon

This looks incredible if have clip in ombre extensions so pop them in and create a centre parting. Divide your hair in half at ear level. Pull that lower section into a low ponytail and secure it with a clear hair tie. Also, place a hair tie an inch from the ends, apply some mouse and backcomb those ends like there is no tomorrow. It is going to be the base of your bun by rolling the ponytail up towards your head and pinning it at the nape. At the front, you want to divide your hair at the ears. Put the bits in front of your ears to the side for now and brush the sections behind so they are smooth and ready to be divided into rows. Once you divide your rows backcomb the roots to create extra height. Make sure that you comb over the top so it is smooth. Gather it together and loosely twist it in the middle, push it up to create volume and pin in place. At the moment your ends will be loose so spread them over your bun so that it even creates another mini twist and pin underneath your bun, make sure you hide the ends of your hair. For the parts that were in front of your ears tease them a little and drape it across the back of your head. Twist the ends and pin in place before you do the same on the other side. You will look stunning!

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