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Two ways to get heatless curls

Heatless styles are your best friend in this heat. Humidity is out to get you but that doesn’t mean you have to be totally styleless. Really thick curls and waves are so popular right now, especially with the help of your extensions, but it is so hard to keep your hair looking healthy in this heat. Today we are going to talk about two amazing ways to get your curls without heat.


The towel look

This one looks a bit odd but is brilliant whilst your hair is drying and you can reuse the paper towels afterwards so it is not environmentally unfriendly. Take three sections and place them down horizontally and fold it so you end up with one thick inch, which you will fold in half. Spray your hair with some water so it is slightly damp. You are going to divide in half and then half again. You are going to focus on your back right section. When you are happy with how damp it adds some hairspray so your curls will hold. Loop the towels around the top of your section of hair you, are going to create a three strand so make sure you loop it in the middle of the towel. It is simple you just fold the section of hair over the sections of the towel. Secure at the end of your section with a hair tie. Repeat on the other three sections. Leave your hair to dry. In this heat, it won’t take too long. You will now have lovely waves. Feel free to add some texture spray for more textured locks.


Ultra bouncy curls

This is great if you want to do with your hair extensions in, especially if you are going for a night out. Make sure that your hair is thoroughly brushed then divide a one-inch section of hair near the nape of your neck. Spray some water on this until it is damp then you are going to use your middle finger as if it were a curling barrel. Wrap your section of hair around your finger (towards you from the tips up) and after a few moments remove your finger. It may be a bit tricky but try and key the tight shape of your wound hair as you take your finger out. Do not drop your curl whatever you do. You will need to hold your curl together with a pin or a clip and allow it to dry and set in this shape. You will be repeating this all over your hair which will take about 20 minutes with thick, long hair. You will need to spray all of your sections with hairspray to help them set and wait for your hair to dry. It might take about half an hour or sleep with them if you are comfortable. Carefully remove all of your hairpins to reveal gorgeous bouncy curls that have a lovely vintage vibe.

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