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Two styles perfect for quad wefts


If you want some serious volume, quad wefts are the way to go. Think of your normal layer or weft of extensions and times it by 4. 4x the volume and 4x the fun. A lot of people seem to get intimidated by this style of extension, but you don’t need to be. They are just as versatile as most of your other forms of extensions and help you tackle the dreaded flat hair without weighing down your roots.

Today I want to show you my favourite quad weft looks. I have deliberately chosen ‘every day” styles because they will be used the most. Don’t worry I will do another blog soon to show you how to use quad wefts in hairstyles meant for special occasions. So check out these looks and show off your Pinterest worthy thick hair by #wearcliphair.



Hairstyle number 1: extra big pigtails

I have chosen this style because as it gets warmer and we see the festival season coming pigtails of different varieties will be everywhere. To begin this look make sure your hair and Cliphair quad weft extensions are thoroughly brushed. To avoid damaging your extensions whilst you get out knots. I would recommend using a detangling hairbrush specifically designed for hair extensions. If you are using dry shampoo on second-day hair make sure it is massaged in completely. Next, divide your hair horizontally just above your ears.

This is the perfect place to clip in your quad wefts for volume and length. Once that is blended divide your hair in half, tie one half out of the way for now. Divide the other half into three equal sections just behind your ear. Create a dutch braid, pinching the sections as you go to pancake the braid and help it lie the way you want it to. Secure with a clear hair tie and wrap some strands around the hair tie before you repeat on the other side.


Hairstyle number 2: Ariana Grande inspired half up half down look

This style will look very familiar to most of you as it is what the gorgeous Ariana Grande rocks. This pop princess’ hair is almost as big as she is (which looks amazing). She definitely does not use just single weft extensions to get that volume so Cliphair’s quad weft extensions are perfect for getting the desired body for this look. Much like the first look you need to make sure that your hair and extensions are thoroughly brushed with a detangling hairbrush.

This is great if you want to go from style 1 to style 2 because you are going to be dividing your hair horizontally again. Placing the extensions in line with your ears as it is the widest section of your head. Let down a thin layer of hair to help conceal the top of the wefts then gather the rest of your hair into a high ponytail and secure it. Pinch your hair at your hairline so it doesn’t look too flat then wrap some hair around the hair tie to finish.


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