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Two stunning bridesmaid hairstyles

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It is peak wedding season and whilst it is time for the bride to look amazing, bridesmaids want to look and feel great too. If you are being a bridesmaid in a family or friend’s wedding you know you are going to be in their wedding photos and video, so you want to look your best. You may not have much of a say in a dress but most of the time you can have a say in your hair. That is where you can shine. You have a few things to consider. You want to you great but not take attention away from your friend on their wedding day, you have errands and dancing so you will need to have a look that stays in place. Keep reading if you want two stunning styles that are perfect for a bridesmaid look #wearcliphair.

Easy updo

This style can be dressed up or down and stays put. It is the perfect style for both a big lavish wedding and an intimate one, so how do you create it? Firstly add some dry shampoo to your roots if you have second-day hair and brush it through so you have no white marks. The thing that can really ruin this style is having flat hair so add Cliphair extensions to your crown to add some more body. Loosely gather your hair near the nape of your neck.

Pull your hair halfway through your hair tie. Pinch your hair on your head and put out any hairs you want to frame your face. Don’t be afraid to really scrunch the hair at your crown to make sure you have loads of volume. Putt a little hair out from the left of your hair tie and wrap it around the base.

This makes it look nicer and hides your hair tie. Check and see if you are happy with your bun. If you have too much hair left out of your bun then fold it up and place it next to your bun, pinning it in position. If you want to be extra cautious carry a few more pins with you and spritz with hairspray to finish.


Gorgeous half up

This style is gorgeous for those of you with mid or long hair (or put your extensions in to make your locks longer). Add some heat protecting serum and curl hair so you have lovely loose waves. Next, gather the crown area of your hair. Divide your hair in half and tie in a knot, add hair from either side to the tail from the first knot. Now tie a second knot, add some more hair, then the third knot. Pinch your hair under your third knot and secure with a bobby pin. Tug the knot a little so they look fuller. Add some texture spray to the ends, scrunch that in then add hairspray to finish.


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