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Two multi-colour looks to try now

Everyone is letting loose this summer and there are some great hair colour trends that are appearing. It might be subtle hues during office hours but temporary hair dyes and extensions are helping women make a big hair statement after their 9-5 ends. This time of year really encourages us to explore our wild sides with holidays to Spain and Bali being booked left, right and centre and parties happening every weekend. Today I am going to share with you some of the hottest multi colour hair trends and how your extensions can help you achieve them.


Gem colour roots

These have made a big splash this year. With games like Candy Crush inspiring our hair, it seems weird that it has turned out so beautiful and not childish. The silver blonde trend of last year is present at the ends but that is the most subdued part of the look. There are layers of pastel green, blues and pinks leading up to the main attraction, the bright purple roots. This look is amazing and will certainly draw attention. This is best tried on light hair if you are going to use dye for all of it but extensions can definitely help. I would suggest dying your roots with semi-permanent colour like Lime Crime’s Pony purple shade. The rest of the colours can put on your extensions to save your hair. Lightest Blonde hair extensions will be the easiest to dye.


Charcoal grey

Silver grey was so popular last year but we are going darker this year and gone for a more charcoal grey. I love this because it can be worn with more sophisticated outfits and still look striking. This looks particularly stunning as an ombre style or as a colour in the underside of your hair. A lot of bright colours look best on blonde hair but I actually find that this suits darker hair. Be aware you will need to use some bleach so I would suggest that use Arctic Fox Sterling hair dye on your extensions and if they have a warm undertone, like chestnut brown, a toner is essential.


Brunette rose

Rose gold is still extremely popular but unless you have light hair or have been bleaching it for years, it is hard to achieve. Maybe this is why a new hair trend has emerged, the brunette rose. I love this look, it still has all the bang of a rose gold look but is suitable for people with naturally dark or red hair. This look has been popping up everywhere on Instagram and Pinterest and is getting more and more popular. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to dye your hair blonde before trying it. It have seen this style as an all over colour, balayage, under-colour and even as intermittent rows (it sounds weird but it looks great). If you want to opt for this look use Cliphair’s pink extension set to make the statement.




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