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Two cute back to school styles


It is that time of the year again. Whether you are going back to school or uni yourself or are simply taking someone back, the first day can be hard. We all want to set a good impression on the first day or reinvent ourselves. This blog is the perfect place to get some back to school inspiration. These are cute, will stay in place all day and will definitely have your friends asking, “how’d you do it?” this step-by-step tutorial will show you how. Show off your final styles by #wearcliphair.


Bubble ponytail

This one is easy to achieve and doesn’t take too long. It works really well if you have long hair or balayage hair. I gathered my hair into a sleek ponytail, once secured add your extensions around your ponytail. This will help with the length and add so interest. Go a couple of inches down and put another hair tie on. Pinch the hair in between your hair ties to create the bubble. Repeat this all the way down your ponytail. Use hairspray to keep the hair ties in place and you are done.

The Celtic knot half-up style

I love knotted hairstyles. They are brilliant if you are having a bad hair day but this is the fancy version. Separate your hair into sections, add heat protecting spray and curl your hair in 1-inch sections. Once they have cool run your fingers through the curls to turn them into waves. If you want a pit more volume to tease your roots a little, especially at the crown of your head. Pull back hair from either side of your face. Create a small loop with the left strand and hold it between your thumb and finger with your left hand.

Bring the right strand to your left hand and hold it in between your ring finger and pinky. Pull the right strand up behind the left and pin the loop in place for now. Bring the end of your left strand over your loop now push the right strand down and through the loop. Take the pinout and pull your ends, this will create your Celtic knot. Pin the ends to secure it and you are done. You don’t even need to add any hairspray to complete this look to keep it in place, your pins do it for you.


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