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Two anti frizz braid looks

Frizz is one of the biggest and most common hair hassles this time of year. I love summer and the excuse to go to a beach and go swimming so frizzy hair is not welcome. It may not seem like such a big deal whilst you are sunbaking but you don’t want to struggle for hours to get it back to a reasonable condition to go site seeing or partying. The good thing is that hairstyles, braids in particularly, are here to save the day. Not only do they help with the frizz but look great too. So check out this tutorial to get frizz free braids. 



Snake Braid

This is a creative look that is perfect if you have curly locks that get a little hard to handle. I like my hair to still look full even when I am trying to rein it in so I usually opt for a right side parting, it also makes it easy to tell where you want to start your braid. The brilliant thing is you don’t need to brush your hair prior to creating this look just make sure your hair extensions are in so and you can start braiding. Pull out some strands of hair that will frame your face then take a section of hair on the deep side of your parting and divide it into three. This is a dutch braid look so fold the outside sections under the middle section. Continue this pattern travelling backwards as you start to add sections do so from the far side of your left side only so that the braid starts to curve. Once your braid is as far over to the left as you want it, start adding sections from the right to head down and to the right. Continue until you get to the end of your head and continue your braid to the end of your hair. You can leave this as a side braid but I like to pin it along the nape of my neck so this style looks fancy.


The loop braid

This is a look that you will want to work with smooth hair with for as the design draws the eye. I think this works really well with curly hair so if you don’t already have curly locks, put your hair extensions in and start curling. Don’t spray the curls once they have set just scrunch some mousse into them so they look more natural. Divide off the hair above your ears and pull it into a high ponytail but don’t pull the hair tie too tight. Loop the ponytail up and through the gap, you left at the base. Gather hair behind your ears and repeat creating a ponytail and creating a loop. Incorporate the end of your first ponytail into the back of the hair tie of the second. Repeat a third time to finish your style. You will still have the ends left over to show off your curls.





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