Trying to go zero waste? Check out how to take care of your Cliphair extensions

We all know that our planet needs our help and every little bit helps. A lot of products have so much plastic packaging. My solution is to reuse some of the handy spray packagings we have from existing products and reuse them with your own creations. Why DIY? It is chemical-free and way better for your hair and extensions and it is way cheaper. That sounds like a win-win to me. I have been experimenting with this recently so I want to share it with you. Keep reading and share your gorgeous hair by #wearcliphair



This always ruins my hair so when I ran out of the shop-bought version I went on the hunt for something I could create myself. This could not be easier or cheaper and it works well on your extensions too. Heat 1 cup of water in a saucepan, add 5 teaspoons of sugar and let it dissolve. Allow your mixture to cool then add a couple drops of essential oils (choose the scent you want). Add your spray to the bottle and add to your hair the next time you style it!


Deep conditioning treatment

This has a few more ingredients than the last one but you can use the items on your body as moisturising oil as well. Grab a large jar a pul all the ingredients in it. The first thing you will need is 2 ounces of liquid soy lectin. This is easy to either get online or in a health food store. Add the same amount of almond oil then .5 ounce of cocoa butter. The last element is jojoba oil. This will mean that your jar will be pretty full but don’t worry it will be easy to apply soon. Put the jar, with the ingredients in it, into a saucepan. Put water in around it and heat it up until the ingredients inside the jar dissolve. Turn off the water and wait for the jar to cool a little (or use oven mitts). Stir the contents so they are fully combined. You only need a little as well, apply it down the lower 3/4s of your hair. It is best applied to dry hair, leave in for 20 or so minutes before you wash it out. If you want extra shine then rinse with apple cider vinegar.


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