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Trend Alert: Crimped Hair

Whether you’re an avid fan of the recent 90s-throwback trend, or you’re just looking for something new to try, we’re confident that we’ve found the answer to all your hairstyle needs. As usual, we’re pretty forward thinking here at ClipHair – when you’ve got gorgeous long locks at your disposal, there’s no excuse not to experiment! So naturally, when we stumbled across an image of modern crimping, we fell in love. No longer reserved for tweens with temporary tattoos and furry hairbands, crimped hair is making a comeback as one of the cutest, most versatile new looks. You heard it here first! Here are some of our favourite examples.
Long and Lovely
crimping on long hair
crimping on long hair 2
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We say it all the time, but you just can’t beat long, beautiful hair, and crimping works wonders on long length! It’s minimal effort, minimal upkeep, but adds a whole load of interest to your hairstyle, and it also holds really well. Crimping adds pizazz and also allows for you to include a whole host of other aspects – streaks of colour, hair jewellery, or wild styles.
Mini Crimping
sweet tight waves
sweet tight waves 2
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Crimps don’t have to be supersize, you can take the mini route too! These seriously sweet tight waves are easy to create – just use tiny plaits to achieve the tight look, or attach a mini crimping iron plate to your hot tongs. The smaller the crimp, the bigger the volume, so take this route to add mega height to your favourite styles!
Mix Your Sizes
Mix up different sizes of crimps
bohemian look
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Like big waves? Like teeny tiny ones? Then why choose… just pick both! Mixing up different sizes of crimps creates a really fun bohemian look, and it means you don’t have to be precious about styling it either because it promotes an interesting, messy look. Team with plaits and feathers and some cool hair jewellery, and we expect you’ll be on the cover of Vogue by Christmas.
Team with Colour
team it with some vibrant colour
daring colour
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Crimping is wild, youthful, and a whole lot of fun, so why not go the whole hog and team it with some vibrant and daring colours? You’ll be sure to turn heads with a bold red, electric blue, or wild orange, but the less daring amongst us can always have a go with hair chalk or coloured extensions if the commitment is a little too much to start with.
Short and Chic
wider wave on short hair
crimps on short hair
chin-length hair crimps
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Being lovers of long hair, sometimes we overlook the short ‘dos, but crimps work just as well on chin-length hair as they do on bum-length locks! We suggest a wider wave on short hair, but if you like to look quirky and cool you can opt for a mini crimp too! Try pairing with a risky colour to really turn heads.
The Ultimate Up-do
try unusual up-do too
perfect way to add volume
feathered effect
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Crimps aren’t just reserved for long, loose locks and floral head crowns – they make for an amazing and unusual up-do too! Adding crimped sections is the perfect way to add volume, create friction to hold the style, and create a serious talking point. Crimping adds a feathered effect, perfect for photoshoots, catwalks, and being the girl who sets the trends! We think this look would be fantastic mixed with beads and plaited sections too.
Sort of Straight
 incorporate crimps into normal hairstyle
 fun and voluminous ponytail
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Crimping is quite a bold statement – it isn’t for everybody. So if you’re feeling nervous about trying out this new trend, incorporate your crimps into your normal hairstyle. They look great working alongside straight sections of hair, wound into plaits, and crimps make for a really fun and voluminous ponytail.
Big Volume
supersize hairdos
Crimps add instant volume
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Achieving and maintaining big hair is a full time job, and there’s only so much dry shampoo and hairspray we can deal with before we search for an alternative – and luckily we’ve found one! Crimps add instant volume, turning your hair from smooth and sleek (and a little bit lank) to afro chic in the click of a finger. If you don’t fancy trying one of these supersize hairdos, then why not have a go at crimping the roots of your hair on the underneath layers to give the top some fabulous volume?
Mermaid Locks
wide plaits crimps
mermaid-like crimps
completely gorgeous crimps
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When we think of crimping, we think of wild and wacky hair, but crimps can be tamed too! Using wide plaits or a waving tong means you can get spaced-out, mermaid-like crimps running the length of your hair. This look is sported by the top totties in Celebland, and for good reason. It’s incredibly simple, looks completely gorgeous, and doesn’t have a tendency to drop out like curls do. We love!
Top Tip: pop your hair into braids before you go to bed, and when you wake up in the morning run your straighteners over each braid. Easy crimped hair in no time!

Take the lead when it comes to fun, fresh hairstyles and have a go at crimps! They’re super versatile so you have creative freedom to make them your own. Be daring and enjoy yourself!

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