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Top tips to healthier hair


We are heading into October which means we are definitely in the party half of the year. Don’t believe me? Halloween, Christmas and New Years Eve, huge parties! When we are partying we use heated tools, hairspray and dance like crazy. All of this can lead to flat lifeless hair. Not on my watch. I am going to share with you some healthy hair tips to keep your locks looking and feeling great #wearcliphair.


Tip number 1: Don’t wash your hair too much

This might sound gross but stay with me. You might be amping up the number of products you are using for your nights out but that doesn’t mean washing your hair every day is necessary. This isn’t as good for your hair as you might think. Washing your hair daily can really dry out your scalp and itch. If you leave it a little bit longer your hair oil production will regulate and you won’t have to use so many products.

Tip number 2: turn your head upside down

I am not talking about having a great dance in front of the mirror (although it is great fun). I am talking about brushing your hair upside down. This is great for curly hair women but it is great for everyone. When you have your hair extensions in flip your hair forwards and brush your hair from the ends to the roots. This is easier on your hair when you are brushing out knots.

Tip number 3: Don’t go cheap with your hair ties

Did you know that you might need different hair ties for different occasions? If you are going to be in braids, particularly if your hair is wet, make sure you wear a soft scrunchy. If you are wearing a ponytail or bun during the day wear a hair tie that looks like a spring. It is soft and won’t leave a weird dent in your hair.


Tip number 4: Recycle your granny’s shower cap

Having a shower but you aren’t washing your hair? A shower cap is an absolute must. Most of us don’t have cold showers and hot showers produce lots of steam, say hello to frizz. This will be a nightmare to contain so you better get a shower cap. This means less time trying to smooth down unruly hair and more time to sleep in. the lazy girls guide to gorgeous locks.


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