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Top tips for a healthy scalp


For a lot of us, we think about how great our Cliphair extensions and hair is but we don’t always think about our scalp. Our scalp, like the rest of our body, is skin and it is this time of year that your scalp from all over your body can get super dry. This includes your scalp meaning that dandruff can be a nightmare. Your scalp needs moisturizing to stop this happening, but carefully choose your conditioner so your roots are not weighed down.

Today I want to tell you about your head and how to look after your head. Healthy head, healthy hair. After all, you want your actual hair to look as good as your Cliphair extensions #wearcliphair.

Know about PH

You may have heard of PH from a science lesson, in case you need a quick reminder it measures the acidity of a substance. The magic number 5 is what you are aiming for. A number below this can be harmful to your scalp.

Having a good ph level is super important to ensure that your hair protected from pollutants and chemicals and still helps you keep your hair moisturised by natural oils. If you find your hair is breaking a lot, you might want to check your hair’s PH, if it isn’t in the right level your hair’s elasticity may be diminished and dryness.

Tips to keep your hair and scalp happy and healthy


Tip number 1: us the right products

This tip is actually great for taking care of your Cliphair extensions as well as using the right products will make sure you have a healthy scalp as well as your ensure the longevity of your hair extensions. A great way to try and prevent the PH from your scalp getting disturbed is by making sure that you avoid products with harmful chemicals and preservatives like sulphates and parabens.

Generally, ones that are cruelty-free are a safer bet as they wouldn’t need to test on animals if the chemicals weren’t so strong and/or dangerous. If you like to be hands-on/ creative there are loads of DIY products out there too. This will ensure you know exactly is going onto your scalp and into your hair.


Tip number 2: learn how to treat your scalp

If you know your hair breaks a lot and you are concerned about the health of your scalp, think about brushing your hair in the shower. This may sound strange at first but if you have curly hair you will already know that this trick is a godsend. Brushing your hair once you have conditioner in not only allows you to brush the product through so it is evenly distributed but means you can also stimulate your scalp.


Tip number 3: give your scalp some TLC

When you are tired your muscles will thank you for giving it a massage and so does your skin. This is no different for the skin on your scalp. This stimulates blood flow, helping your hair to grow faster and also helps your raise product build up and oils from your roots to detoxify your roots.


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