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Throwback hair inspiration- Megan’s wedding look.


Who am I talking about today, Megan Markle of course! There are probably dozens of her looks which we can copy but one of the most loved and well know was her wedding look. I want to share a version of this with you that I think will look great by itself, under hats and beanies. If this is a look you have been wanting an excuse to try, you are not alone. I often go to film festivals in London that require a little glitz and glam. This is the perfect moment to try this look. Keep reading this step by step tutorial and I cannot wait to see your pictures #wearcliphair.

Step number 1: prepare your hair

This is a style that will require a little bit of heat. Before we go there, I just want to point out how amazingly thick and layered Megan’s hair is. Pop in your Cliphair extensions to help get both of these things and create a centre part. Brush it in to blend then add some serum to your ends and heat protection to your locks before we continue.


Step number 2: create some texture

This look is fab with a bit of texture. To get this, spritz your locks in texture spray and grab your curling iron. You want to break your hair into inch wide sections. With each of these sections, you are going to alternate the direction you will curl your hair. The exception to this is around your face where you will curl away from your face. Run your fingers through your curls so they are not too polished. Take a section of hair at your crown and tease it at the roots. You are going to tease all of your hair at the back down to the nape of your neck. Don’t forget to add some hairspray ass your do this to help it stay. You can backcomb the sides a little too, just mack sure your hair is angled backwards as you do so.



Step number 3: create the style

Divide your hair into three vertically. Focus on the middle section wrap it around itself until a small bun form. Pin this in place with hair grips/bobby pins that are the same colour as your hair. Take one of the side sections, bring back and over your ear, twist it and create another small bun. Make sure that you leave out those famous face-framing strands. Push your buns together and your other side. This will come together as one style beautifully.


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