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Three styles to rock the undone look

Don’t get me wrong I love the sleek straight look as much as the next girl but undone looks can look incredible. The trouble is it is hard to get a perfectly imperfect look. We know Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been rocking it for years but they have a team of stylists so let’s find out how to get the perfect undone look.

clip in hair extensions-prepare-your hair

Prepare your hair

Ordinarily, I would say make sure that your hair is silky and smooth with maybe a little serum but you can throw out that advice for this look. To prepare your hair for an undone look lightly spritz your hair with water. You want to give your hair loads of texture so mix some mousse and texture spray to your damp hair, particularly the ends of your hair. Finger comb your hair so it still looks a little ‘messy’.

clip in hair extensions-styles-to-undone-

Getting ‘undone’

It may feel like you should be able to just wake up and have an undone look but unfortunately, it is a little more complicated than that. If you want to get this look just the way you want clear hair ties.

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Undone Bun

For example, if you want an undone bun look. This feels like an upside-down way of going about it but creates a ponytail with your hair tie near your hair ends. You don’t have to worry about it being perfect or not having any strands out, remember it is a messy look. If you only have mid length hair tie the hair tie further up, add your clip in hair extensions around the first layer of hair tie then add another on top. Now twist your ponytail and loosely pin it to your head so some of the ends stick out. If you are wanting to wear thing all day spritz with hairspray.

clip in hair extensions-prepare-undone-down

Undone down

If you want to wear your hair down working with your natural texture. Start off by having damp hair and mixing a little serum and mousse together and scrunch it into your hair. Let your hair naturally dry so your natural waves and kinks come out. If you want your roots to have more of a boost divide your hair into rows and spray dry shampoo on your roots. If you don’t have natural waves and you want to give your hair a slightly wavier dishevelled look grab your heat tools. With your curler loosely curl your hair but don’t worry about making sure that the curls are the same width, it will make it look less manicured. You can pin a couple of strands into place but don’t forget that this is not supposed to look 100% well made so don’t put too many in. if you are planning on wearing this from day to night make sure you put some hairspray in or your style could go from intentionally dishevelled to a total train wreck without you wanting it to. Enjoy your undone look!

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