Three styles that are great for straight hair


I love all the waves that have been super on trend recently but if you are like me you don’t always feel like (or have time for) adding waves. Instead in this step-by-step tutorial. I am going to focus on some looks that look stunning on straight haired girls. It doesn’t matter if your hair is naturally straight or you prefer straightening it, these styles will make you smile. Most of them only take about 5 minutes so are perfect for those busy mornings when you are running late. Whatever the reason to dress up it is time to show off your straight locks at their best. When you have created your look #wearcliphair I always love to see how great you look with your amazing styles.

Rollup updo

This style is simple and classic and looks beautiful day or night. To start this style I added my Cliphair extensions and brush your hair so it blends. If you don’t have naturally straight hair add some heat protecting serum and turn on your hair straightener. After you straighten your hair pull out face-framing strands of hair. Gather your hair into a low ponytail. Pull it through your hair tie again but have a 1-inch section at the end left out. This will look like a large loop. Make sure the ends are at the top. Tuck the ends inside the loop then roll the loop up towards your head. Gather your hair and tuck in so it looks like a very sophisticated updo. Add a few pins to secure and a bit of hairspray to hold and you are done.


The easy braid band

This is an oldie but a goodie. The perfect style for having you are out of your face but still having your hair out and looking lush. Once again if you don’t already have your Cliphair extensions in, it looks great with thick long hair. Separate an inch thick section from ear to ear and tie the rest of your hair away into a low ponytail. Starting near your left ear divide the section into three equal parts. Make sure that you keep your three strand braid tight and straight. If you can’t keep it straight yourself ask for a friend to help you out.

Add strands of hair from underneath until you get your right ear then continue with a normal three strand braid. Secure this with a small elastic (as subtle as possible). If your hair is not naturally straight add some heat protecting serum and straighten your locks. To hide the end of the braid using a couple of hairpins to tuck it back and under your other hair. If you want a bit more volume don’t be afraid to tease your roots vigorously, just make sure that you smooth over the top and finish by adding some hairspray to keep any flyaways at bay. I love this look for a day out shopping.


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