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Three stunning knotted styles

Knotted styles are one of the best-textured looks that have trended over the last few years. I have seen some incredible pictures on Instagram and Pinterest that are all lovely but incredibly different. I have seen some very catwalk worth minimalist knotted dos and some way more intricate wedding inspired styles. Here are three that are great and easy to achieve with your extensions.


clip in extensions-knotted-updo


Everyday knotted updo

This is great for an evening out or a picture perfect visit to the beach. Start by brushing out any tangles that can mess up your style, we want texture not a bird’s nest. Divide your hair into three vertically and add your extensions in the middle of these sections. Tie the lower two away, we are going to focus on the top one for now. Divide the top section in half and knot the halves together like you would your shoelaces. Un-tie the second section and split it in half like you did before.  Add the ends of the top knot to your middle sections before you tie them into a knot again. Repeat the last time and tuck the end pieces underneath.  Though you are not using hair ties you will need to use hair pins to help you keep these lovely knots into place.


clip in extensions-knotted-braid-bun



Knotted braid bun

This is fantastic when you wake up and your hair just won’t play by the rules. We are going to start by creating your braids you are going to have five in total. Start with the ones at the front, so create a centre parting and gather your hair from the centre to your temple. Do this on both sides and create simple three strand braids and secure clear hair bands. Brush the remaining hair back and divide it into three, each of these will be basic 3 strand braids as well. Once you have those in and secured twist the middle braid at the back into a bun and pin it so it is firmly secured to your head. Now, this is when the intertwining and knotting happens to link the other back braids through the bun you created with the first one and create a nice design by knotting the ends together and pinning it in place. Wrap the two front braid around the whole thing to find any hair ties to finish.


clip in extensions-knotted-ponytail



Low knotted ponytail

This is the most basic style but is one that you may have seen in editorial shoots and is incredibly versatile. Start by vertically dividing our hair in two and cross your right half over your left. Pull it tight and pull the other side through to make your knot (like you would a shoelace). If you have tape in hair extensions this will be perfect but I wouldn’t advise putting in the clip in hair extensions. Putting both parts in one hand secure with a clear hair tie below your knot to keep it in place. If you want to hide your hair tie wrap some strands around it.



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