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Three lazy girl hacks that are perfect for weekend vibes


A lot of the time I describe myself as busy (which is true) but let’s face it that is sometimes also coded for lazy. No judgement. We have all been there. The world is demanding and zaps our energy. We are told if we do a shortcut on things, we are cheating. This is not one of those times. If you can find a quick way to do something, I do not call it a shortcut, I call it working smarter. I have put together some of my favourite lazy vibes hack so you can spend more times with your friends or in bed. #wearcliphair.

Curling hair hack

For most of us that want curly locks, we rarely want curls all the way to our roots. This hack was absolute genius. I wish I had thought of it. Put your hair up in a ponytail. Then pull your hair into 2-inch sections, it is way easier to curl your locks. I have relatively thick hair so curling my locks takes ages. It is so much quicker this way. You can either leave it as a curly updo or take your locks down.

Wavy locks

This is on the same lines but different. If you are like me and love your waves and your thick locks, you will be wearing your Cliphair extensions. The problem is that with extensions in, it takes longer to curl your locks. This sounds so simple but it is effective. Simply curl your extensions and your hair separately before you put your extensions in. Don’t worry, they are easy to blend. The best way of doing it is to wait until you have your extensions in until you comb your locks with your fingers.

Dry shampoo your roots

It is not new news that dry shampoo is a godsend to us all. If you have greasier locks but don’t want to wash your hair every single day. This is great. Washing your hair every day is seriously bad for your scalp health so this is a massive win. One of the major downsides is the white residue. There is a really simple way of avoiding this and it isn’t brushing your hair to within an inch of its life. Adjust when you put your dry shampoo in. putting it in the night before allows it to sink in so no residue and it will absorb the excess oil.


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