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Three heat free styles to try for the change of season


Whichever hemisphere you are in, the weather is changing. This is a great time for you to try a heat detox to let your hair adjust to the changing environment. Whether you have naturally dry or oiler locks the autumn/summer or winter/spring change is quite a big one. It will take your body and hair time to adjust, in the meantime, it might be dry, flaky or feel dull. That is why I am sharing this step by step guide of 3 of my favourite heat-free looks that will slay whilst your hair is safe. Keep reading and as always #wearcliphair.


The tucked braid

This style could not be easier to do and it is perfect look at the gym or under your hat. Start by adding your Cliphair extensions and brushing your hair so it is nice and blended. Next, gather your hair into a half-up look above your ears. Secure this with a clear hair tie then gather a middle section of hair behind your ears and secure this with a hair tie before you repeat with the bottom sections of hair. You should have three ponytails one underneath each other. Split your top ponytail into thirds and begin french braiding it. As you move down add sections from your middle section. When you are about halfway down your braid, add sections from your bottom ponytail. Continue to the end and secure with a hair tie. Pinch the outside of the braid so it is fuller and lies flatter. Pin the top of the braid so it hides your hair tie then roll the ends of your braid under and pin it to your head to finish.

Messy low bun

To begin this casual and low key style, create a slightly off centre part. If you are using your Cliphair extensions, pop them in now. Separate a few rows at the top of your crown and tease them at the roots to get extra volume. Ll out any face-framing strands you want and secure the rest of your hair into a low ponytail. Gently finger teases your ponytail for that messy look. You will need to focus this more on the upper half of your ponytail. Divide your ponytail in half and begin to wrap the lower half around the base of your ponytail. The trick is to include the ends of the top section in the wound portion of hair. Pin stray ends into place and you are done.

The braided ponytail

This is perhaps the simplest of the three but looks great. Start by creating a deep side part. Take a section on the deep side of your hair, just near your part. This should be about 2 inches wide. Take 2 smaller sections from either side and begin to create a french braid (this also looks fab with a fishtail braid). When you get to the nape of your neck, behind your ear, bring the rest of your hair to that section and create a side ponytail to finish.


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