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Three classy chignons

Chignons are a style we only think of for business people or the ultra wealthy at a ball. I don’t doubt that it works brilliantly at upscale events, particularly weddings, but they can also work fantastically for everyday looks as well. The mission today is to show you three ways of doing chignons that will suit you and work for any occasion. Keep reading this step-by-step guide to get grab dos yourself.



Boho chignon

This one works perfectly on textured hair so if you haven’t washed your hair today, try this. If you have, however, simply spritz your hair with texturising spray or scrunch in some mousse. Separate the hair along your hairline, and tie it away, as you will use this later. Lightly curl the rest of your hair, it doesn’t have to be perfect ringlets but light curls that won’t disappear is a must. Release the hair you separated and divide all your hair into five equal sections. If you want to add your Cliphair extensions, now is the time to do it. These are going to form your mini twisted buns. Start with the section that is the furthest on the left, make sure the ponytail is tight and at the nape of your neck. The second one you want to be a bit higher than the first, but only an inch higher. You will be continuing to ultimate lower and higher buns until you reach the right side. Pinch the sections above your hair ties and make sure your buns are secure and you are done.



Rope chignon

This style is great for a nice dinner our or even a special occasion. To begin you want to make sure you have large, long waves so make sure your hair extensions are in and start curling. Don’t worry about hairspray at this point you will add it to your rope braid look is complete. We are going to take hair near your temples and half each section. The half you are focusing should be split in half again and twist your left section to the left and drape it up and over the right section. The section that was originally on your right will be on your left. Twist it to the left and drape it over the other section. Repeat this to the ends and secure with hairpins around the back of your head. Fold the rest of your hair inwards to make a smooth bun. Don’t skimp on hair grips and you will have stunning style to last all night.




Wrap chignon

Once your hair is smooth gather it into a low ponytail. I always think that clip in extensions are harder to hide in low styles so if you have clip ins attach them to your ponytail rather than at the beginning. Tuck the end half of your hair underneath, into the hair tie, to create a bun with the end hanging down. Take the ends and drape over the base of your bun and secure around the back. This will hide your hair tie and make it look classy.

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