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Three awesome way to your ponytail from drab to fab

Ponytails are the most popular hairstyle around the world with everyone from school kids to grandmas sporting this style. It is quick and functional but because we see it so many times a day it can look boring. If you are short of the time go for a regular ponytail by all means but if you want to spice up your ponytail style, keep reading.

clip in hair extensions-ponytail-drab-fab-looped

Looped ponytail

This one is simple but looks great for any occasion. Start by brushing and gathering your hair into a ponytail. After you tie it up divide your base in half down the middle, just above your hair tie. Loop your ponytail up and through this gab to create a nice twisted style. A couple of inches below the first twist tie an elastic to create another ponytail. Repeating what you did earlier create a parting above your elastic and loop your ends up and through the gap. You won’t be able to see the elastics if you have done it correctly and you don’t even need hairspray to make this one say.

clip in hair extensions-ponytail-drab-fab-crossed

The Crossed ponytail

Pop in your clip in ponytail extensions in and scrunch some hair mousse into your roots for extra body. Scrunch your hair all the way down to create texture. Divide your hair behind your ears and tie the top half out of the way. Make a low ponytail from the bottom section and release some of your hair from the top half so that you have all of the hair above your ears down. Divide it into rows and tease your hair at the roots so you can create some height in your crown area. Divide this section vertically in half and cross the left half over the right section of your ponytail and your right section over the left.  Pin it into place before you focus on the top section of hair. Comb back the hair at your sides and top sections and drape them in a criss-cross pattern as well in line with your lower cross. Working with the leftover ends of your crosses is where the magic happens to take the ends on the left side and sweep them over to the right of your ponytail, pinning it into place. Repeat on the other side and spread your hair to hide your hairpins before hair spraying to finish.

clip in hair extensions-ponytail-drab-fab-wrap

The low wrap ponytail

This is great if you are short on time but want to create a sophisticated look for either work or a night out. If you have hair extensions in, great it will make your style look thick and lovely. Brush your mane and gather your hair into a low ponytail. Grab all of the back your ponytail and wrap it around the base. You will need to hold this in place by pinning your hair at the back of your ponytail. Because you have wrapped a lot of hair you will need a few pins to hold it in place. Spray and you are done.

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