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Thinking of dyeing your hair but not sure the colour will suit you? Keep reading

Thinking of dyeing your hair but not sure the colour will suit you? Keep reading
Authored By Katie O' Connor

Change of season means change of hair colour for a lot of us. How do you make sure it won’t turn out to be a total disaster? There are a few tricks I want to show you. This is by no means an exact science but it does mean you will have an idea of what shades are perfect for you before you head to the hairdressers and dye your Cliphair extensions. If you want these tips to keep on reading and don’t forget to show off your styles by #wearcliphair.

Think of your skin

We all have different skin tones, that’s what makes the world so much fun. Some of us have cool tones whilst others have lovely warm tones. Warmer tones have golden undertones and looks amazing with golden jewellery. If your skin tone is more pinkish and silver suits you the most then you probably have a cooler skin tone. Why does skin tone matter? If you have cooler skin tone it is likely that you will suit cooler shades like greys, platinum and ash. If you have warmer skin tone then deeper beachy blondes or honey brunettes are your best bet.


Red hair, take care

Have you got naturally copper locks, things to think about are how copper the colour hair takes when you are dyeing your hair? Things like chestnut brunette or strawberry blonde are ones to look out for. If you are trying to die down (excuse the pun) the natural red hue then the copper undertone of these colours will not help you.


New black locks?

They can often say it is safer going darker is safer than going lighter. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to think about your hair and skin tone before you dye your air black. It is a common misconception that there is just 1 shade of black. This is not true at all. You will notice that some women with black hair have a mahogany undertone whilst others have a bluish tint. Whatever black you go for, it will make a big statement. The most obvious statement is jet black. This tends to suit most skin tones as well so it is the best bet for black locks.

Blondes have more fun

If you are going lighter do it gradually. Trust me I learnt this the hard way. If you are going lighter you need to look at the colour you are starting from and be realistic. If you have deep brunette hair, aim for a caramel blonde rather than platinum, your hair will thank you.

If all else fails go to the hairdressers and ask their advice, they are the professionals after all.


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