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Things to take when going on an international holiday


I am so grateful (and excited) to be going to LA for a week break. Not only will I be escaping the crazy cold British weather but I will be able to have some killer photos taken in one of the most iconic cities in the world. We have all been in the pre-flight state of madness when uncertainty about what to pack, particularly if you have not got much space after packing clothes. I thought I would show you how I get ready for a big trip and some essentials for having a photo perfect and fun holiday. #wearcliphair


Travel essential number 1: A mini brush

One of the first things that give away your exhaustion after an international flight is your hair. You mightn’t think that is a major thing but go to the plane bathroom half an hour before you land and you will be shocked. Your once perfect style will look flat, lifeless and frizzy. Taking out a whole bunch of products in the plane is just not practical but a mini brush will allow you to put your hair into a bun bump free or create a ponytail with a little teasing in the back for extra volume.

Travel essential number 2: A dry shampoo

It really depends if you are going for renting an Airbnb or are in a hotel. My experience with hotel provided shampoos is not great. I always take a small amount of shampoo with me but for the in-between days, dry shampoo is essential to keep me and my hair extensions looking great. Don’t forget this also makes it easier to get more volume at your roots so less teasing is required.

Travel essential number 3: hair extensions

I love taking pictures on holidays, so I want to make sure that I look my best. Hair extensions make it so much easier for your hair to look at its best and for you to feel your most confident. You can create incredible styles from old Hollywood curls to sleek straight ponytails. So whatever your style or destination your Cliphair extensions are the perfect secret weapon.


Travel essential number 4: Hair serum

You can never abandon your hair health I you want your locks to keep looking great, even on a holiday. You won’t have room for a ton of products but one that I do think is worth taking is your hair serum. Changing climates and the plane will zap the moisture from your locks so top up your moisture with some hair serum or moisture spray.


Travel essential number 5: Versatile accessories

Accessories are great for turning an everyday look into something special. The trick when you are travelling is to pack accessories that are multi-functional and look great. Necklaces that also look great as a decorative belt is a prime example. It is not just jewellery though, headbands that are flexible often look great as bracelets and a small scare can be used as a neck scarf, in your hair or to add something special to your handbag.


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