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The three best ‘on the go’ hairstyles

Whether you're running late, feeling a little lazy or simple want gorgeous hair with no effort, having some stunning on the go looks under your sleeves is a must. They have to be easy and practical, so we are going to share three of our favourites on the go hairstyles. These are also perfect if you are on holiday and will be busy running around being a tourist. Keep reading these step-by-step tutorials and don’t forget to #wearcliphair.


The wrap around bun

The trick when you are working out is to have a bun that is tight enough that it won’t fall out but also looks great. Pop in your Cliphair extensions then brush your hair and gather it into a high ponytail. As you are wrapping the hair tie around for the last time, pull the hair only about an inch through. Wrap the remaining part of your ponytail around the little loop you have created. Pin it in place with bobby pins and you are done. So cute and functional.


Dutch ponytail

The ponytail has long been a favourite and functional hairstyle of us all but it doesn’t have to be boring. Once you have added your hair extensions in separate the side sections of your hair from your temples to just behind your ears. Working on these ones by one divide them into three equal sections. You are going to create a dutch braid on each side of your head. This should go around your ears and head towards the back of your crown. Continue these until the end of your hair then secure with a thin clear hair tie. Pinch the sections of your braid to make sure they are thick and look great. You will be incorporating these into your high ponytail to make this style workout friendly, make sure the braids are lying flat and they will look great. If you want to make it look even better to wrap some hair around your ponytail hair tie.


Braided space buns

90’s babies will be all over this look. Start by creating a centre part that goes from your hairline to the nape of your neck, tie the left side away for now. Next, focusing on the right side divide 2 sections of hair at the front and the back that is about an inch wide. You are going to create three strand braids with each of these sections. Do this all the way to the ends, secure with a clear hair tie and pinch the braid sections to make them fuller. Gather all your right half of your hair into a high bun, where you want the bun to go. Like the first bun on the last wrap around of your hair tie pull a little bit of hair through. Wind the rest of your hair around this loop to create a bun and pin in place. Repeat on the other side and you are ready to go.

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