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The styles that ruled BAFTA

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BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) award ceremony is an incredible event to celebrate British talent in the film industry. It is one of the biggest award shows of the year and it just happened in London. It was not just the Brits who were strutting down the red carpet. This is not just about showing off talent is is also about showing off an amazing sense of style. Today I want to share with you some of my favorite styles from this year’s BAFTAs. Perfect for hair inspiration #wearcliphair.


Bryce Dallas Howard

From Black Mirror to Jurassic World Bryce is one busy lady. She is not too busy to hit the red carpet. She has certainly made and impact with this low cut dress with cut out sections at the sides. Her red lipstick is a perfect match for her copper locks. If you have a fabulous fringe like Bryce show it off by having the rest of your hair in and up do. If you want to make it a bit special use multiple twist braids to form your bun.


Kate Middleton

The duchess may have just had a baby but she is looking fierce in her white gown. The queen of all things fashion, this one shoulder white gown is perfectly complimented by her drop diamond earrings. The jewel in the crown of this look is her hair. The volume and understated style is stunning. Make sure you tease your roots and add your Cliphair extension, volume is key for this style.

Lilly Collins

Lilly has been making headlines for her fashions the last few years and this style is no exception. It is stunning and victorian inspired. The bright blue really makes it dramatic and brings it into 2019. she wanted to make her outfit the style of the show so her hair is a bit more understated but not less glamorous. A low bun with braids is both functional and fashionable, perfect for this look.

Mary J Blige

American singer turned actress Mary J Blige brought bling to the red carpet at the BAFTAs. Her gold and white blazer outfit was definitely dazzling and looked amazing with her honey curled curls. I like it when curls are not meant to be perfect. Tight curls with your fingers run through them is the perfect way to creative this show stopping styles.

Claire Foy

Thought that slick back and sides is only for the boys? Wrong! Claire Foy shows off her short bob with some product, a side part and some pins. It may sound simple but it will take quite a bit of product to make sure this look doesn’t move during the night. On the bright side at least when you are dancing you don’t have to worry about your hair tie falling out.


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