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The perfect swept back glam style for a night out

Authored By Katie O' Connor


On hump day aka Wednesday, there is nothing better t get you through it than knowing that you have some nice plans for the weekend. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a weekend away, a night out or just a dinner with some friends it is always nice to have an excuse to dress up and feel special. I came across this style on Pinterest and fell in love. It is full of body and confidence and is perfect for when you want to feel special about yourself. this look has a very 60’s vibe or something that Adele would wear so you know it is high glam. Keep reading this step-by-step guide to get the perfect swept back glam style for yourself and don’t forget to #WearCliphair.


This style is great on clean hair to work well with the styling you are going to do. Start by creating a triangle from the arches of your eyebrows leading up to a tip at your crown. Create an oval shaped section at your crown. You are going to start working on your crown section first. Divide it into rows and attach your hair extensions to each of these rows. This is going to be your biggest section so it makes sense to focus your hair extensions here as you are going for volume rather than length.


This style does require heated tools so if you aren’t keen on using tools I would say this look probably isn’t for you. Add a little serum to the end of your strands and spray your locks with a heat protecting spray. It is important that you do that to your hair and your extensions as they react the same way to heat. Divide all of your hair, except the triangle, into the one-inch section and curl your sections. Release the curl into your hand and pin it in the loop before you move onto the next section. Repeat with the rest of the sections and spritz them with hairspray. Once all the curls are cool you can release them.


Create the style
Tease your roots at you crown section and in your triangle section. At this point it will look like you have a lion’s mane, that means you are doing it right. Just make sure that you smooth over the top so it looks deliberate and not just like a mess. Tease the roots a little at your triangle and make sure that you secure with hairpins. Push your hair towards your hairline a little before you add your hairpins so it has a little more body. As the pin will be lying on top of the crown section you will have a lot of hair underneath them. Take approximately a one-inch section of hair from underneath your pins and drape it across them. Tuck the ends underneath and use another pin to conceal it. Spray your hair with hairspray and you are done!


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