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The perfect romantic updo for a romantic weekend (or just Netflix and chill)

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The weather is getting chillier ladies but that is no reason to neglect your locks. Hat hair from beanies and hood are everywhere but they should be well and truly banished for your romantic weekend. Cooler weather is great for snuggling by a fire and having quiet nights in with loved ones. I like to fight back at winter a little bit and add some colour and romance to my looks to counteract the winter gloominess, this look does just that. It has twists and style in spades and is perfect for adding the jewelled accessories that are super on trend right now. If you want to add some glamour to your weekend #wearcliphair and keep reading this step-by-step guide.



Step number 1: Easy preparation.

This style is so adaptable and suits every hair type. To begin your style you can have second-day hair. Spritz in some dry shampoo at your roots before you pop in your Cliphair hair extensions don’t worry if your hair is not the sleekest it has ever been, a bit of texture for this look is a good thing. Make sure you comb it though so it is easy to manage. I love a good amount of texture in my hair so I decided to give this style a little intrigued by crimping it. If you are going to do this as well make sure you add some heat protecting serum to your hair before you grab your crimper.


Step number 2: The top part

Now that you have given your hair some va va voom it is time to create your style. Use a fishtail comb to create a sharp line from the top of one ear to the other. If this bumps into your extensions you can move this lineup or down a little. Make sure it bumps free then secure into a half up look. Divide this ponytail into half then twist them around each other. To keep your twists tight twist your right half to the right then move it to the other side of the left half. Twist your left section to the left then move it to the other side of your right half. Repeat this all the way to the end of your hair. Once you have secured the twist with a clear hair tie, pinch the sections to make them fuller. Wind the braid around the base at the back of your crown to create a neat bun then pin into place.


Step number 3: The bottom part

This look would look great with just the top part done but this bottom part will give it that more glamorous look. Starting behind your right ear take a 2-inch section of hair and divide it into three equal parts. You are going to create a travelling french braid that should run in line with the bottom of your ears. Make sure that you add hair from either side that is the same size. Tie the end of your braid and pin the ends to the top of your bun to add some glamour. Add some hairspray and you are done.

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