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The high bun style to rock this December

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I thought I had seen all the buns out there but I came across this style on youtube and it is perfect to finish the year off h a bang. This is perfect for dressing up and down and will look awesome in pictures. You can add glitter to it if you want to make it particularly festive or just leave it as is for a year round perfect style. If you want some bun inspiration, look no further than this step-by-step tutorial. I get so happy seeing your dos guys so please show them off by #wearcliphair.



This is the best on newly washed and dried hair but if you are rocking it with second day hair, dry shampoo is your friend. Be generous when you apply it to your roots and thoroughly brush it through your hair. I find that this style is just easier to do with straight hair. If your hair is straight naturally you are lucky if not it is time to add some heat protecting products. Straighten your locks. Before you go on to create your pun shape, create a centre parting. Now separate a 1 inch section either side of the part.


Create your shape

Now you have your face framing sections out of the way, gather the rest of your hair into a high ponytail and secure. Add your Cliphair hair extensions around the hair tie then add another hair tie to make sure the wefts are laying the way you want them to. Pull hair about half way through so that it creates a loop. Move some of the strands in your loop back and forth so that your locks look a bit more textured. Fan the sides out a bit so it looks fuller and fancier.


The Finishing touches

Now that you have created the base of your bun it is time to split the hair that was not included in the loop (at the back) in half. Bring them around the front of the hair tie and wind them around the base of your loop in opposite directions. Try and keep this as close to your head as possible so your don’t make your loop look small. Pin in the back to secure and try to pin it in and up if possible so the pins will not be visible and these sections will be extra secure.

If you have layers you may need to add a few more pins. Add some heat protecting serum to your locks at the front because you are going to curl them. Make sure that you curl them away from your face so they don’t get in your eyes and once they are cool spray the whole look with hairspray so that it stays looking great all night long. Run your hands over any fly aways to get them in check then you are ready to rock this style at any occasion.


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