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The Goddess look tutorial, perfect for Halloween


Goddesses are one of the most traditional Halloween outfits. This is the easiest styles to prepare if you have left your Halloween outfit preparations to the last minute. The most common goddess associated with Halloween or, Samhain to traditionalists, is Hecate. Hecate is the Greek goddess that is known as the goddess of magic and the night moon. This clears why she is a Halloween favourite.

She is often seen with a torch, a key, or even serpents. You can choose whether you want this goddess to be on the darker or more angelic side. Let’s continue this with this step-by-step tutorial to rock your greek goddess style. #wearcliphair


Step number 1: Make your headdress

You can go to the park and try to weave flowers together. But if you are planning on going to a party and dancing in this style. I would recommend going to your fancy dress shop. You ideally want something that has a crescent moon on it. If you are low on funds cut out some cardboard in a crescent shape, wrap it in aluminium foil and spray it gold.

Step number 2: Create some waves

If you haven’t already got newly washed hair, wash those locks. If your extensions need a wash do this at the same time. It is getting dryer so we are going to save your locks by creating heatless waves. Not enough time to wash your locks? fill a spray bottle with water this will do the same thing. Start at the nape of your neck and break your hair into small sections. Wind the sections (individually) around your finger imitating the way you would wind your hair around your curling iron.


Step number 3: Let it set

Once you have created your loop, use a bobby pin to pin it to your head. Repeat with the rest of our hair. Whilst your hair is all pinned up spray it with hairspray so your waves will stay in shape. Once your hair has dried gently let your hair down and scrunch some hair wax into them to help you keep the shape. If you haven’t already got your Cliphair extensions in I would put them in before you add your hair wax in, it can be harder to attach hair extensions with products in.

Other things you will need

This is more for the overall look but if you are going to make the effort with your hair and headband you don’t want the rest of your outfit to let you down. The Goddess is not given any strict makeup rules but I think some diamonds or gold eyeliner is the perfect way to make this style a little more magical and seem otherworldly. I always find a maxi dress works brilliantly with a goddess look, go lighter for more traditional styles or embrace the dark side and go black for Halloween. Hecate is known to carry a torch so if you want to complete your look, this is a must.


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