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The faux braid look tutorial


Braids are great but not everyone has the patience for them. Having wavy locks, braids have been my ultimate saviour over the years but I was not always brilliant at creating them. Braids that were too tight or loose meant that hair stuck out or fell out during the day. That is when I fell in love with this look. It is easy and looks like a great braid without all the fuss. If your hair is having a bad day or braids aren’t your thing this style is definitely one you are going to love #wearcliphair.


Step number 1: preparation

You do not need much to help you complete this look. 5 or 6 small elastic hair ties and a fishtail comb, it couldn’t be easier. It doesn’t even matter if your hair is wet or dry when you prepare this style. If you do create it with wet hair you will leave you with some lovely curls once take them out. If you are going to create this look with second day hair make sure you add some dry shampoo to your roots. This style can look a bit lacklustre if your hair is too thin so make sure that add your Cliphair hair extensions.


Step number 2: divide and conquer

Using your fishtail comb divide your hair from temple to temple. Separate the face-framing strands you want to leave out then tie the section. Create a gap above your hair tie and loop the ponytail up and through the gap. Pinch the twist you just created so it is full. Take a one-inch section behind your ears, either side of your head.

Using a hair tie secure them together under your fist twist make sure your hair tie is sitting around 2 inches from the top so you have some room to twist. As you did with the first ponytail loop the ponytail up and over. Repeat this with one more row of twists. If you have layers don’t pinch the twists too much as the ends might start to stick out.

You are going to continue this down the length of your hair. This will end up looking like a fishtail braid without all the teasing and in half of the time. You may need to create 4 or 5 more twists to reach the end of your hair.


Step number 3: finish the look

I would highly recommend doing this style in front of a mirror to make sure that there are no irregular gaps between your twists. If your twists were big enough but not laying the way you want just use a small hair grip on the bottom of your twist so it lays where you want it. At the bottom of your braid take a few strands of hair and wrap it around your hair tie and pin it into place at the back. To finish this look make sure you add some hairspray.

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