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The eye of the storm

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

Well storm Doris has certainly made her presence know and has proven to be more disastrous than nature’s joke. This horrible storm has caused havoc not only on our public transport and routines but only on our hair. This may not be your number one priority on your list during the week but as your week draws to a close and the weekend’s partying commences looking fabulous and photo ready certainly goes up the priority list. We are having a look at some styles and tips to battle the winds and stay photo ready this weekend. Tie your hair down, not your personality.

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The side ponytail

We all know that having the end of your ponytail whipping in your face is not the sexiest look, not to mention annoying so we think adapting the classic style and turning it into a side ponytail is just what the weatherman ordered. This looks brilliant with a deep part (who says practical can’t be on trend). If you have mid length hair, all is good as ponytail extensions are brilliant to blend hair lengths and remain photo friendly. To create that gorgeous hair wrap take a small section from the edge of your extension, about the width of your finger, and circle your hair tie. In this windy weather it is needless to say hair pins are a must!

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The messy looking

So we are bound to get a little windblown so why not rock a fabulous messy look from start till finish. Let’s play nature at its own game and make messy memorising. This is such a simple thing to do that looks on purpose rather than by accident. You could lightly backcomb your hair at the roots and scrunch the ends of your hair with some textorising alcohol free mousse. Having alcohol free is awesome to stop that horrible stiff and clumped look plus when it is easy for your hair to get dried out; so avoid alcohol in windy weather. A half up, half down style finished with a bow is the perfect way to complete this look.

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Braids are the bomb

For exercising or having wind proof hair braids should be your first port of call. This is so perfect if you love a slightly edgier look. A high braid is fantastic for adding a little height so is perfect for those of us that are not 5’7 or a small forehead we wish was a little higher (we all have these things, don’t worry). If you love a little more of a Blake Lively bohemian style then a wind resistant side fishtail braid. There is no time like the present to try new styles so if you usually try a french braid go for a dutch or fishtail braid, after all you only live once. Take a couple of hair pins with you, if your braid starts to unravel or blow in your face you can always twist it and create an amazing looking braid bun.

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