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The do’s and don’ts of tape in extensions

Tape in extensions are amazing, once you try them you cannot live without them. It is the newest developed type of hair extension and people around the world are freaking about how great they are. They are good to your hair and make your hair look good. If you are about to get your first set of tape in hair extensions you should know some basic dos and don’ts to make sure it suits your lifestyle and extend the life expectancy of your tape in extensions. Keep reading to find out the key of the tape in extensions survival.

The Do’s

clip in hair extensions-dos and donts-tape hair

Wash with the right stuff

This is a rule that can be applied to your hair in general; if you put rubbish on it, it will look rubbish. Use the shampoo that is designed for the hair extensions or at least get a shampoo that is sulphate free. This will keep your hair extensions from becoming brittle and weak. 

clip in hair extensions-dos and donts-tape hair-sleep-on-satin

Sleep on satin

This is a way to wake up with great looking hair. Cotton can cause static and friction making your hair and tape in extensions frizz. Satin is lovely and smooth so won’t rub up against your hair when you are moving around at night. So if you want to feel fancy and keep your tape in extensions looking great. Sleep on satin.

clip in hair extensions-dos and donts-tape hair-brush1

Brush regularly

With extra hair, there is always more chance of your hair becoming twisted and tangled. This is so annoying when you are trying to style or you see your hair looking gross on a night out. To avoid this brush your hair at least twice a day.

clip in hair extensions-dos and donts-tape hair-brush-heat-protection

Heat protection

We love to style and look glam whether we go for a casual day or a special date night out. This is great but not for your tape in extensions. Because it isn’t attached to the root there are no natural hair oils to nourish your tape in extensions so you have to add serum or heat protecting spray yourself for nourishment.

The Don’ts

clip in hair extensions-dos and donts-tape hair-dont-swim

Don’t swim too much with your hair extensions in

That’s right. Swimming is great exercise but there are a lot of chemicals in there that aren’t great for the condition or colour of your tape in extensions. Chlorine is awful for your hair and hard to wash out properly so minimise your swimming.

clip in hair extensions-dos and donts-tape hair-dont-sleep-wet

Don’t sleep with wet tape in extensions in

It is so tempting, when you wash your hair at night, to sleep with it wet. I know I have been guilty. If you can’t blow dry your hair at least braid your hair so it won’t get tangled whilst your sleep.

clip in hair extensions-dos and donts-tape hair-no-moisture-after

Don’t add too much moisture after application

The 48 hours after you apply your tape in extensions is crucial. You need your hair to be dry. So plan your next today so you don’t wash your hair, or get it wet in the shower, or sweat excessively. This sounds gross but instead of cardio switch to weight sessions.



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