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The cool new way to Fishtail your Ponytail

Fishtail braids have long been a favourite look for women who want both a functional and fabulous hairstyle. We love the texture they have and the shape. Because they are generally tight they hold their shape for a long time, making them perfect for a gym look or a day to night style. I came across this style and knew it would be perfect for creating with your Cliphair extensions. I think this would work equally well with tape in hair extensions or clip in hair extensions so whatever your preferred extension method check out this step-by-step guide. Don’t forget to post it on Instagram when you try it yourself.



I have only tried this with newly washed and dried hair. I find that it braids tend to hold longer with first-day hair. If you don’t already have your hair extension in, pop them in now and flip your hair forward and tussle your hair to give your hair some more texture. Add some heat protecting serum to your locks then divide your hair into rows and curl it. To help the curls set I pin the curls until they cool and hairspray them. Brush out the curls a little to blend the waves



Gather your hair into a relatively high ponytail and secure with a clear hair tie. Make sure that you leave a few strands (or 1-inch section) out near your temples to frame your face. Wrap a few strands around the hair tie to hide it. Split your ponytail in two then take a small section from the left-hand side. Take the section and incorporate it into the back of the right half. Now take a small section from the right side and join it to the back of the left half and tug a little. You have created your first fishtail cross. Continue to create 8 more crosses then secure with a clear hair tie. Tug on your sections a little to give them extra body but not too much as this is not meant to be a ‘messy look’ style. Grab a few strands from the back and wrap it around the hair tie, pinning it in the back.



Hair bubble

This is the part of the style that resembles Jasmine’s hair from Aladdin. Move a couple of inches down from the fishtail and tie another hair tie. To make it look full tug on this section a little and wrap a few strands of hair around the hair tie to conceal it. Now your hair bubble is complete the rest of your hair can be fishtail braided just like you did above. I try to leave about half an inch left at the bottom so you can see the wave. As this is quite a well put together look it only seems fitting that you would wrap a few strands around the hair tie as you did before. Now that your look is complete don’t forget to add some hairspray.


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