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The boho half down

What! Brad has moved on already?! That crazy. Who is this woman? I hear you ask well tongues are wagging that Kate Hudson and Brad Pitt are an item. As shocked as we are but this sudden news it is not a surprise that Kate has men after her. After all, she is the picture of being healthy, wealthy and beautiful. It isn’t just her dancer’s body that we envy but her ever beautiful golden mane. Her new wave bohemian goddess style is romantic, feminine and always on trend so let’s check Of the Kate Hudson version of the half up half down style.




The second day glam

Like most high glam looks second day hair is the way to rock this style. You don’t want first day hair as our first step is to curl your hair. The fastest way to do this is to put your hair up in a ponytail and curl is small sections. If you want to protect your hair, brilliant! Just don’t put too much serum too close to roots. Make sure you spritz a bit of alcohol free hairspray on your curls before you take your ponytail out.




Tease those roots

Now it is time to plump up your do. Add your hair extensions at the back of your crown for extra volume and separate a row of hair at the crown and tease it. Comb over the top layer of hair to create a mini beehive at your crown, just be sure you don’t comb out your teasing. To make sure it looks natural you can check it is in alignment with chin to your ear and back. You may want to add sections just around your beehive to make it a little bigger at the crown. Gather the ends of your hair underneath your beehive and secure them with pins. Check and see that these ends still look loosely curled, if not, top them up.





In front of your beehive make you part your hair centrally. This will give your style a much more symmetrical look and you can separate a few strands around your face, the loose curls look is so romantic and beautiful so this is what the style amazing! The other strands and tie theme together with a small hair tie just above where your pins are located.




Finishing touches

If you are feeling like your style is looking too flat or tight, use your finger or the end of a comb to lightly loosen the style for the diva look. Kate has, on more than one occasion, used a lovely accessory to complete her look. This year jewelled pins are really popular right now so that is a great option. If you aren’t as keen on the bling, that’s cool, why not stick with the romantic theme and try a beautiful ribbon. If you have blonde hair deeper colours like black look amazing. If you have darker hair, go bold with green or red ribbons. For your finishing touch don’t forget to spray all over with alcohol free hairspray.


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