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The best way to naturally dry your hair extensions


Like your own hair, Cliphair’s Remi extensions need to be kept clean to keep looking amazing. For a lot of people, the way they look after their extensions actually shortens their lifespan. This means that you are wearing extensions that don’t look as great as they can and you have to buy them more often. That is not great for the budget. A way to seriously expand the lifespan of your extensions is to dry them naturally. Today I want to show you how to do just that. It may sound simple but there is a real technique to getting the best extensions possible. #wearcliphair



Washing your extensions

Cliphair extensions are made from high-quality Remi human hair so to a large extent you can wash your own hair. There is one big difference though, our hair produces natural oil. To those of you with ‘oily’ can find this a huge burden but it is actually a blessing. These oils help to nourish your hair, products simply top this up. Without these natural oils, it is really important that we really condition and nourish our extensions. That means SLS free products and weekly deep conditioning treatments. This is only the beginning, once you have washed your locks it is important you dry them properly.


Why is drying naturally important?

We all know that heated tools are not the best for our hair and extensions. It is true it seeds up your time but in the long run it caused damages, so spending some time the night before washing your extensions so that they are ready in the morning is well worth it. Naturally or air drying your extensions after you wash them is the best option for the long longevity of your Cliphair extensions. If you like wavier locks then naturally dried extensions will provide you with that extra bit of texture that will really help boost your style.

Are there different ways to dry your extensions naturally?

Absolutely! Not everyone’s tastes are exactly the same so the final effect we want for our extensions will vary as well. My big tip is to hang up your extensions whilst they dry. You can get a specialized hair extension hanger or clip your extensions to the base of your trouser hanger. I always spritz my hair with some light hold hairspray to hold the style. If you want to have curly or wavy locks you can divide your extensions pieces into two or three to braid accordingly. Remember if you want tighter waves to interwind your hair with smaller sections. If you want straight locks to make sure that you brush your extensions thoroughly but gently. If you keep doing that until your hair in only mildly damp then leaves it to dry itself.

Katie O’Connor


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