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The Best Hairstyles at the 2016 Billboard Awards

This week, the 2016 Billboard Awards rolled into Las Vegas and there was one man with a smile that never faded. Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, brought the house down with an impressive eight gong haul. His hit song ‘The Hills’ picked up an award. He was the top song sales artist, the top streaming artist, and the top R&B artist, to name a few. We can’t wait to see how he plans to beat his record next year.

While The Weeknd was definitely the biggest winner of the night, he wasn’t the only one determined to have a great time and party hard, awards or not. Celebs like Demi Lovato, Rihanna, Jessica Alba, and Meghan Trainor were all dressed up in their finest frocks and looking every bit as fabulous as you’d expect. It was nice to see troubled singer Kesha make an appearance too, after a long battle to make it to the ceremony.

In honour of the 2016 Billboard Awards, we’re going to celebrate in true ClipHair style and raise a glass to our favourite hairdos of the night.

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Rihanna’s Hair

Never one to miss a trend, Rihanna showed the rest of Hollywood how a superstar should rock the wob hairstyle. It’s an understated look for the flamboyant star and a perfect reminder of her beauty. We’re so used to seeing the ‘Umbrella’ singer in crazy colours and over the top outfits that it’s easy to forget how well she can do grown up glamour too.

This wob is simple, elegant, and wonderfully under-styled (at least, her stylist has put a lot of work into making it look that way). The good news is that you can steal it for yourself, with a handful of texturising spray and a ‘scrunching’ motion; just gently ‘scrunch’ the hair between your fingers to add volume.

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Jessica Alba’s Hair

The divine Jessica Alba is clearly gorgeous, but she’s not known for mixing it up with her hairstyles. She bucked the trend in style at the 2016 Billboard Awards, however, because she walked the red carpet sporting an edgy twisted topknot. She wore it high and loose right at the back, which gives it a distinctly Kabuki or anime flavour. This bold style is ideal to steal with hair extensions, but don’t always want to be stuck with a down ‘do.

It’s really easy to put together, because it’s just like a regular topknot, only the hair is twisted around the stem. The ends should be left loose and free, but styled to one side so that they fan out Japanese style. If you attach your clip in hair extensions properly, the seams should all be hidden within the knot and the hair blended perfectly with your own.

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Zendaya’s Hair

Disney star Zendaya was at the centre of a media storm just a few short years back and it was all because of her hair. At the 2015 Oscars, she wowed in a form fitting satin dress and flawlessly styled dreadlocks. Then, presenter Giuliana Ranic made some extremely questionable comments about the smell of dreadlocks (yes, really) and the internet blew up.

We’re happy to report that the Billboards were a much happier affair. Zendaya still looked amazing, but this year she kept things simple and went back to basics. This straight up and down look is perfect for an awards ceremony, because it screams understated glamour. If you want to grab it for yourself, you need long clip in extensions and the patience to sit with the straightening irons until every last kink and curl has been ironed out.

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Tove Lo’s Hair

New girl on the block Tove Lo has been dubbed the saddest girl in Sweden, after releasing a string of melancholy, but also pretty catchy, chart hits. She got cosy with Nick Jonas at the awards ceremony and they had the audience swooning, with a steamy rendition of ‘Close.’ The singer has a very individual, very bohemian style and we like it.

She rocked up with her hair loose, but half braided. It is less ‘all out glamour’ than the rest, but it’s a good reminder of the fact that the camera loves quirky ladies too. It’s really important to follow your heart and wear your hair in a way that makes you feel like a million dollars; whether that means braids, dreadlocks, a ponytail, or even partially shaved like Scream Queens diva KeKe Palmer.

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