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Thank you for thanks giving

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

Wherever you are in the world you will have heard of Thanksgiving. It is a big celebration in the US but it got me thinking about being grateful in general. Honestly, guys, the thing I’m the most grateful for (after my cat) is you! I am so Instagram obsessed and love that you guys are too and you look fab with your Cliphair extensions in! Today’s blog is all about showing off your hottest before and after looks and some lovely words of gratitude so you can inspire each other with the hot look you can create with your hair extensions.





The classic ombre

This Cliphair babe is in love with her 22-inch ombre clip in hair extensions and we are too. She looks stunning and your hair looks so bright and lovely at the bottom, I bet it looks fab in braids as well as out like it is now. The best thing is that it blends so beautifully from her darker roots to a honey blonde to lighter blonde at the ends. I suspect she has added some serum to make it so shiny and healthy which also protects from the heat so it is a really good idea. This style could make any casual black outfit turn into something enviable and is perfect for a special occasion or a night out.




Blonde babes

We all love our balayage and in summer natural blonde to white blonde was all the rage. So was blonde beach waves. The wavy bob is certainly a big trend in the city but if you are heading to the beach you have to show those waves off more! It is almost like stepping back in time to the 70’s everyone has long hair and it seems to flow effortlessly although we know it took a lot of time to make it that effortless. Great blending again even with what looks like a blunt cut on the natural hair. Her waves a flawless too, good job!




Tousled trestles

This is so nice and luscious which is a massive tip for all of you if you are desperate thick glossy looking hair, go dark. I am not 100% on the science behind why darker hair looks thicker but I think it has something to do with the fact it doesn’t reflect as much light as lighter colours so it looks like it has more depth. The shiny part I do know, and it goes for your natural hair too. Many of us (I know I did) dye and bleach our hair to make it lighter so it tends to be dryer as a result and can take some of the shine out. Thank goodness we have treated the extensions but if you don’t want to do as much maintenance on your own locks, stay dark like this brunette babe. By the way I am in love with the “everyday” styling she has done here, it looks totally natural and think about how hot it will look with a beanie.



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