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Taylor Swift’s world tour look


If you are in the southern hemisphere you will be hearing, if not joining in on the Taylor Swift mania. Swift has been rocking her socks off and singing her guts out all over Australia and New Zealand. She has been in some killer shows and looking fab. I am going to show you some of the best looks from her time down under so you can steal her style. #wearcliphair


The chilled Australian vibes

When Taylor wasn’t on stage she was living the quiet life. Is she losing her work hard play harder attitude or is she just taking time to chill on a veranda and take in all the natural beauty Australia has to offer? Either way, she looks super cute in her black jumper with her hair in a. What I love about this look is the scrunchie and the eyebrow-skimming fringe framing her face. I love fringes with updos, even casual styles like a ponytail look more special. If you are like me and not brave enough to take the plunge and get a permanent fringe then a clip in extension fringe piece is the perfect way to give the look a try.


Edgy vibes

The sweet Taylor that simply sings behind her guitar is gone, this is a new sexy Taylor that knows how to add some drama to her performances. This distressed wet look style is the perfect match for her ripped look dress. I think this an amazing style to rock if you are wearing a show-stopping outfit if you are just going to go shopping or the movies, it might be a bit much. There are a couple of ways to create this look. If you have some gel at home add some and try to comb it through evenly with a wide tooth comb. This method is not for everyone. If you are not a gel fan wet your hair and spray on some salt spray on your locks to give them a slightly distressed look.


Pre-tour look

Press is a big part of touring so really the tour begins before you even leave. You will see singers out and about to get their pictures taken before they leave. This is not a coincidence. Taylor is certainly showing off and she looks incredible doing so. How she manager to pull off rocking a dress that resembles a mirror/disco ball I don’t know, but she does. It wasn’t just her dress that was a shining stand out in this picture her beehive updo looks so hot. Her face-framing fringe is looking on point but unlike the previous styles, it is not the main focus of the look. You will need a lot of height around your crown to make it look spectacular. If you want to save your hair from too much teasing pop in your Cliphair extensions near your crown and tease them instead. Hair pis are your best friend for this look, it is the only way to control the lion’s mane you’re made.


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