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Tape In Hair Extensions 101 – Q&A Session 13

Thinking about permanent hair extensions? Yay; you’re going to look incredible! But there’s just so much to think about and almost endless research! Because permanent hair extensions stay in your hair day in, day out; you’re going to have to change the way you do things. You need to walk into your relationship with your new extensions with your eyes open. Some details are the same no matter what – such as the best way to wash your permanent extensions, but it’s important that you take the time to find out all about the specifics of each type of permanent hair extension before you commit to them. This blog is all about tape in hair extensions – read on and get ready to become an expert!




  1. What’s the best hair extensions for thin hair?




Tape in hair extensions are a brilliant choice for fine or thin hair. The thin tapes lay flat against your head for seamless extra length and volume; perfect for people who might otherwise struggle to hide their clips or bonds.


Tape in hair extensions are fantastic way to add length and volume to any type of hair (although not hair that’s very oily or greasy as the excess oil encourages them to slip). They’re incredible on fine and thin hair. So many people with thin hair struggle to hide their clips or bonds when wearing extensions, but because tape in extensions lay flat against your head they’re pretty much seamless. Tape ins are fitted using two flat pieces of tape which are sandwiched above and beneath your natural hair – and it’s this that makes them so seamless.

But! You must remember that tape in extensions will only look and feel good if they’re fitted correctly – even the smallest mismatch or error can cause them to slip or cause you pain. That’s why we’d always recommend you book in with a qualified professional to get them fitted properly.


  1. Do tape in hair extensions ruin hair?

Tape in extensions won’t damage your hair so long as you care for them well, have them professionally fitted and removed carefully.

Tape in extensions won’t cause you any problems if you do things properly. And by that, we mean getting them applied professionally, removed carefully and cared for well while they’re in your hair.

The biggest problem with tape-ins is when they’re not taken out properly. You MUST use a recommended tape in remover. If you don’t then the bonds won’t break properly, causing problems when you try to remove your extensions. You’ll stress your hair and may damage it by using excessive force to remove the tape in bonds.

Use a good quality tape remover; apply it, leave it to work and then gently peel the extensions out.


  1. Can tape in extensions help hair grow?

Tape in extensions don’t affect hair growth in any way at all and cannot help your hair grow at a faster rate.


Although many people believe their hair grows faster when they have tape in extensions fitted, there is zero link between your tape in extensions and better hair growth. It’s pretty much a placebo effect; we don’t normally have a way to measure hair growth and typically just eyeball it. But when you have a piece of tape at your roots, it’s much easier to see how much your hair has grown; the rate of your hair growth might just surprise you! The truth is that we just notice it more when we’re wearing tape in extensions. Some people think their tape ins have slipped when in fact it’s actually their hair growing!

How quickly your hair grows depends on your diet, your genes (thanks mum & dad!) and your lifestyle; some people will find it difficult to grow their hair, no matter how well they eat and how well they care for their locks – genes play a huge part!


  1. Will my hair grow with tape in hair extensions?

Your hair will continue to grow at its regular rate when you have tape-in hair extensions fitted. They don’t affect your hair growth in any way at all.

The rate at which your hair grows depends on the way you care for your hair, your health and lifestyle, and your genes; tape in extensions will not affect your hair growth. Tape in extensions are applied close to the roots; as your hair grows, the extensions move down in the same way that hair colour grows out. Some people think their extensions have slipped, but it’s your hair growing and your extension bonds acting as a level to show you how much your hair has grown in that time.


  1. Can you feel Tape in hair extensions?

You’ll be able to feel your tape in extensions when you first have them fitted, but after a few days you’ll grow used to them and stop noticing them. If they feel awkward or painful then they’re probably fitted incorrectly – go back to your professional to have them reapplied.

Let’s be honest here. You’re always going to be aware of having something new applied to your body. Just like contact lenses, false eyelashes and even piercings – you’ll feel them for the first few days but as you get used to them, you’ll forget they’re there. It’s the same with tape in hair extensions. But, just as with contact lenses or eyelashes, if your tape ins feel awkward for longer than a few days or feel uncomfortable then something is wrong, and they probably haven’t been applied properly. So, if your extensions are not laying flat and you feel pain or tugging at your scalp then call up your salon and book in another appointment asap as the discomfort will be down to incorrect application.

Perfect application is the key to having tape in extensions you love, which is why we 100% recommend you go to a qualified professional to get them fitted. That way your extensions will look as beautiful as you want them to and you’ll feel comfortable day-in, day-out.


There you have it – the nitty-gritty of tape in hair extensions. Want to know more about tape in extensions? Drop us an email at advice@cliphair.co.uk with your questions and perhaps you’ll feature in a future blog post!


Cliphair Team
Cliphair Team

Hi Carolyn,
Thanks for yor comment. It’s totally fine to colour her roots aslong as the colour doesn’t touch the extensions. Usually the tapes wont be placed anywhere near the parting or hairline where the greys need to be dyed so this should be ok. Every 3 months when the tape is taken out and replaced its advised to have a full head colour then and inbetween whilst tapes are in just touch up the areas that you can see and that wont disturb the tapes. Hope that helps x


Wanting to try tape in hair extensions ! My question is ,I color my hair cover my gray ! I usually need roots touched up every four weeks ! Can roots be touched up with tape in extensions in place?


I have been trying to regrow my hair after a very stressful time. Had tape ex put in. Omg, i love them, they are the best things every. I take care of them, wash my hair with no toxic shampoo etc. And they are gorgeous. They are amazing.


Hi Lesley,

Thanks for your comment. You can use our tape hair remover https://www.cliphair.co.uk/products/tape-in-hair-extensions-remover. It’s an oil-based remover that does not damage your own hair during the removal process.

Warm regards

Customer Support


Hey!….what’s the best tape in remover? 😀

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